Drama Teasers of the Week

Keep your eyes on the ball, drama fans — we have SO MUCH GOODNESS headed our way soon! Read on to see what you can expect to hit a streaming service near you.

Lies of Lies

There is a lot of desperation in this teaser. Are you intrigued enough to watch, drama fans?

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

What do you think, drama fans? I’m getting a lot of slapstick comedy vibes here. That doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but are you in?

The Zombie Detective

I still don’t know about this drama, because zombies make me shudder, but it looks like the darkness is well-balanced by some awesome humor…

Do You Like Brahms?

Piano-playing dramas must be a trend now, but this is looking VERY different from Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol….

Private Lives

Ooooh, this looks SO makjang — diamond rings and prison and awkward dates and who knows what!

More Than Friends

This is looking like a pretty straightforward romance, but Ong Seong Woo!

18 Again

This drama is out to hit all the right notes for us, isn’t it! It can’t come soon enough.

There you go, drama fans. We have a lot of great content headed our way, very soon! What will you be watching?

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