Top 5 Kpop MVs: DYNAMIC

FRIENDS, can we all agree that BTS has our backs? “Dynamite” was the bop that this summer needed, and I’m so glad it’s HERE and it’s BREAKING RECORDS and bringing us all lightness and hope. Read on for more about “Dynamite” and the other dynamic songs that caught my attention this week.

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BTS — “Dynamite”

I’m not saving this one for last this time. The bright summer colors, the antics, Jungkook dancing alone in his room (the mom in me might be holding back comments on how messy it is…), RM looking at his microphone like it surprised him, V and JHope in EVERYTHING — there is a LOT to love in this video. Feel free to watch it over and over again, just like I did!

ONF – “Sukhumvit Swimming”

This MV is an amazing blend of contrasting sets and styles and EVERYTHING. I bet it was a LOT of fun to make. The song itself is about traveling to different places to find a kindred spirit, including the Sukhumvit part of Bangkok. Enjoy!

Dreamcatcher – “Boca”

I really like this song. Dreamcatcher’s heavier rock beats are my favorite, and I love the contrast of leather vs lace in this video — strong femininity and delicate femininity. The lyrics are fantastic, too, declaring that the singer will protect the listener from hurtful words and people with ugly intentions.

Itzy – “Not Shy”

WHOA. The visuals in this MV are so strong! Loving the luxe street style, and the song is a total anthem.

Oneus – “To Be or Not to Be”

This MV is straight up luxury in EVERY shot, even where there’s blood involved. I’m not sure the song is as strong as “Come Back Home”, but it’s a good fit for the dynamic album.

How many times have you listened to “Dynamite” at this point, music fans? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next MV takes my breath away, I remain —

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    • Especially that ending scene where V is just lost in his pose and forgets to kick. Cracks me UP every time I watch it!

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