First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: My Unicorn Girl

Cute Chinese romances are an easy happy place for most of us Fangirls, and My Unicorn Girl seems to fit the bill! Come find out if this is a good show to help you ignore the negatives of real life as we chat our first impressions.


Don’t you just love it when Shakespeare meets Chinese college students?? We have a girl who is dressed as a boy, and has to live with a boy — it’s all very Twelfth Night. As in the best Shakespearean comedies, hijinks and hilarious misunderstandings ensue.

Sang Tian seems to be on top of the world — her friends actually rely on her good luck to rub off on them. But a mysterious old granny at a bus stop warns Sang Tian that her luck is about to be changed by someone she’s about to cross paths with. Her thread of fate will change to black, and can’t be changed back until she kisses the one who changed her luck.

Cue all the awkward near-miss kisses!

Throw in forced cohabitation, false identities, and noble sacrifices, and we have the cutest little bit of fluff to hit our screens in a while.

Karie the Maknae: Ah, the awkward “accidental” kisses are SO FREAKIN’ CHEESY. But do you see me complaining? No, you do not. I’m a firm believer that adding anything remotely like Shakespeare into a story gives it great depth. My Unicorn Girl is no exception — the story is madcap fun so far!

Kmuse: The older I get, the less I can handle over the top cheese with no substance (something that I find a lot in modern Chinese school dramas.) HOWEVER, this drama seems to have a bit more depth, or maybe 2020 has just worn me down to where even falling kisses seem romantic.

Telzeytalks: My impression of the first two episodes were not good; I’d seen too many accidental kisses, face blindness, and girls pretending to be boys. But her hockey suit is so big, and there are so many silly situations, that by episodes three and four I was laughing.

MiataMama: My track record with C-dramas has been less than stellar. But since my K-besties were blowing up our group chat with how fun (and cheesy) this show was, I totally caved to the peer pressure and gave it a try. And I’m SO happy I did – I’m loving every fluffy, trope-filled episode!! (Maknae: Peer pressure for the win!)

Clkytta: Level 10 adorable! All fluff and I’m here for it!


SANG TIAN (played by Sebrina Chen) is a cute girl who is equally good at playing hockey and figure skating. She really REALLY wants to get into her mother’s alma mater, but due to a change in her luck, her figure skating skills aren’t enough to get her into the sports college. Good thing she excels at hockey!

Karie the Maknae: Sang Tian is just too adorable for her own good. I love her sunny optimism and her addiction to lipstick, even when she’s dressed as a boy. She’s got guts, and stands up to Wen Bing when he needs it.

Kmuse: She makes the most adorable boy. Is it wrong that I actually prefer her with the short wig than her more traditional long hair? She was made for cute short hair.

Telzeytalks: I agree that she looks better in short hair. She is rather scatterbrained but means well, and is lively and fun to watch. Her siblings think they are helping, but they just tangle her up.

MiataMama: This actress is fabulous! She really pulls off the teenage flower-boy character well, both in looks and attitude. What makes it even more convincing is that she looks so totally different from her normal girl self. Honestly, her portrayal of her dual characters is what sold me on this drama!

Clkytta: She’s had me rolling around laughing. I love that she’s not trying to hard with the whole gender bender mix up. She’s just rolling with it.

WEN BING (played by Darren Chen) is a chaebol who cons his uncle into taking his place at a nearby business college so that he can play on the hockey team at the local sports college. He has facial blindness, but surprise surprise! He can see Sang Tian’s face with perfect clarity.

Karie the Maknae: Wen Bing is somewhat tsundere, but really he’s just hiding his facial blindness and trying to follow the path he wants to follow, instead of the path his mom has laid out for him. I like how gentle he is with the second lead girl while still dodging her affections. He’s also gentle with Sang Tian, and protects her even when he doesn’t understand his attraction to her.

Kmuse: Wen Bing was a surprise for me. I was expecting the typical jerk who has a hidden heart. But really Wen Bing is such a sweet puppy of a leading man. He treats Sang Tian wonderfully and is totally swoon-worthy.

Telzeytalks: I like that he’s no dummy and figures out pretty fast that she’s a girl. He is quite the tease though, and not above letting consequences fall where they may, which can be hilarious. But he develops a soft spot and starts helping her out sometimes.

MiataMama: Ditto to all the above comments – who doesn’t love a tsundere, teasing, heart-of-gold, puppy male lead?! I’m totally smitten with Wen Bing and would also like to add. . . he has beautiful dimples!

Clkytta: He’s not a jerk! And he has dimples! What more do we need?


Karie the Maknae: Wholeheartedly. This is the fluff I’ve been looking for, and the cringey bits are easy to fast forward through. I love their relationship, and I can’t wait to sit back and just enjoy the shenanigans and the romance. This is going to be fun.

Kmuse: This show is a lot of fun so far. If you are looking for some good Chinese fluff then you should check this out.

Telzeytalks: Speaking of fluff, you may notice the characters running around in fields of pink fluff from time to time. It is muhly grass, which actually blooms pink in the fall, and is a popular attraction in parks in China. You should watch just to see it!

MiataMama: My Unicorn Girl is so easy to binge-watch. I love swooning and cringing and giggling over our adorable OTP. We all need that one ‘marshmallow’ drama on our watchlist and this show is the perfect fit!

Clkytta: This is a chocolate chip cookie of a drama, no big surprises, but it’s just what you need. I’m here for the fluffy fluff!

Til the next drama,

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