First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Missing: The Other Side

We have hottie swindlers, hard-working hottie cops, and enough ghosts to fill their own village in the first episodes of Missing: The Other Side. Come find out if this drama made all these aspects work or if this is one that can be skipped for better drama options:

Rough start

I admit that this was not the best character intro that I have watched. A lot of it felt really rushed, and halfway into episode one, I was not sure I was going to continue. Thankfully, once Kim Wook (Go Soo) actually found himself in the ghost village, the story started coming together. Add in a really strong second episode, and everything finally came together to create an engaging story.

Eye candy everywhere

We all know that above all else, I need a good story with strong character development. But if I have that, then I don’t mind some great eye candy as well. And this drama has so much eye candy between scammer vigilante Kim Wook and hard-working detective Joon Ho. Sure , the focus is on finding the poor missing people and solving murders, but I can’t help at fangirl a bit over the attractive visuals.


I really enjoyed how our leading man has issues with seeing injustice and has to fix things. His inability to let things go makes him perfect for giving all these spirits closure. Kim Wook’s taking the clues from the ghosts and solving their crimes might be my favorite aspect of the show so far.

Would I recommend?

If you like crime, mysteries, and hotties, then I recommend this show. The ghosts are not scary, and the murders are not overly graphic so far. It is entertaining, and I hope that the story itself stays strong to the end. Just remember that you might have to push through some confusion to get to the good stuff in episode 2.

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