Drama Teasers of the Week

We have a nice mix of dramatic, suspenseful, and fluffy teasers this week. Which means there will be an upcoming drama for everyone! Come check out what your next drama obsession will be as watch all the latest teasers.


Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young together in a drama thriller? Oh man, do I have my fingers crossed that this will be good, even if does involve time travel and kidnapped children.

18 Again

It’s almost heeeeeerrrrreeeeeee! But hang on a second. That’s not his wife!

Start Up

Start Up is still looking good! Betcha we’re gonna end up with some love triangles, despite the fact that we have even numbers in our leads.

The School Nurse Files

Heh. The more I see of this drama, the more I want to watch it. The goofy sci-fi vibe is totally up my alley.


WE HAVE LEARNED NOTHING FROM JURASSIC PARK! Ok, that might be a stretch, but messing around in a lab with DNA seems to always end up with monsters. Does that make for good drama watching? We’ll have to see.

What dramas do you think will end up on your drama plate, drama fans? Let us know!

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