Do You Like Brahms? Episode 4 Recap

Our leads take friendship very seriously, as shown when they bail each other out of multiple uncomfortable conversations with various people. It is through this and their shared love of music that this budding friendship seems to be shifting to something more.

It is fascinating how our OTP (One True Pairing) seem to have mirrored- crush-drama and find themselves inside of a love triangle. They also both have decided that this is not the love they need and are trying to break free of the toxic relationships. Sung Ah is devastated to learn about Dong Yoon’s jerky behavior to her bestie. It is one thing to think of dating someone who once dated a friend. It is a whole different game when that person is so cruel to a friend. So in Sung Ah’s eyes, romance is no longer an option, and she wants to avoid Dong Yoon from now on. Unfortunately, just as she is about to bail on her birthday, Dong Yoon, filled party, who should show up but Dong Yoon. He and one of their other friends are there to pick up the birthday girl. It is only Joon Young’s agreement to join the party that gets Song Ah through the evening.

Joon Young is also finding himself in an uncomfortable predicament. He has emotionally distanced himself from Hyun-Ho and Ji Hyun’s engagement. You can see slight twinges of sadness when Joon Young sees them together or their engagement rings. But for the most part, he has accepted them as a couple. Someone didn’t give Ji Hyun the memo because she does everything she can to make their friendship awkward. Not only does Ji Hyun try to demand that Joon Young pay attention to her and give her a birthday gift. Ji Hyun also purposefully picks fights with her fiance and acts like a total brat. Finally, Joon Young has to tell her to stop and just get married already. He is done with her antics.

Sadly, Hyun Ho and Joon Young’s relationship is also damaged because of the annoying diva. Hyun Ho drunkenly asks Joon Young to leave back overseas and not ruin his life. All Joon Young can do is sadly gaze at his friend and tuck him into bed when he passes out. I just have to inject that this is the worst kind of friend behavior. It is obvious that none of this is Joon Young’s fault. Hyun Ho is so desperate to keep a hold of his relationship that he ignores her horrible behavior, and the fact that she obviously is not that into him. Joon Young is just a victim here.

The only good thing about all this drama is that yet again; it brings our OTP closer and closer together. They spend time preparing for a “talk performance” Joon Young is doing for his musical middle school that he attended way back when. While practicing questions and answers, Joon Young admits to Sung Ah that he detests competing. To be so isolated and unhappy doing something he is good at. Sometimes he fantasizes about what he would do if this talent wasn’t weighing him down. He shares these truths with Sung A,h but in front of the audience, he is all smiles and fake answers about his career and love of competition. So that brings forth the question…why is Joon Young doing something he hates?

We get glimpses into the reasoning when his mother pops up, asking for more money. Originally I thought that his father was maybe physically ill b,ut after this episode, I wonder if it is more of a man living a lifestyle outside his means. Or maybe a gambling problem? Whatever the reason, Joon Young is making himself miserable in order to give money to his parents. Hopefully, we will see Joon Young decide to apply some self-care and cut off all the toxic people in his life.

My Thoughts:

I have already mentioned how much I am loving the OTP. In my mind, they can do no wrong. The same can not be said for their friends. The two boys are kind of bland and boring despite their “drama”. To be honest, if you put them both on-screen, it would take me a moment to remember which one is which. Ji Hyun, on the other end, goes to the opposite extreme. Rarely do you come across someone so unlikeable. They set up reasons why Ji Hyun might feel stressed and unhappy, but her entitled actions and moping just make me cranky. I suspect I’m not the only one that wants her to get shipped far far away from our sweet lovers.

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  1. I completely agree Hi Hyun is driving me nuts. Every time she’s on screen I just want her to go away.
    The OTP is amazing in this, like you said they can do no wrong.

    Loved reading your recaps 😍

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