Drama Teasers of the Week

October canNOT come fast enough — there are a lot of excellent dramas heading our way! What will you be watching next month?

The Spies Who Loved Me

I’m a little bit fascinated by this drama — Yoo In Na as a wedding dress designer who manages to marry not one, but TWO spies? This could be interesting.

Start Up

We’ve got hints at a deeper relationship between our leads! So excited for this drama to start next month.

Tale of Nine Tailed

AAAAHHHH! I’m getting super excited for this one too! Can’t wait to see Lee Dong Wook on my screen in something that hopefully isn’t too creepy for me to watch.

Oh Samkwang Villa

Good heavens, this looks like ridiculous fun.

Have you made your decisions yet, drama fans? Let us know!

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