Do You Like Brahms? Episode 5 Recap

We have to wade through way too much side character toxicity to get to the OTP (one true pairing) gems. But it is all worth it when we see the shining smiles of Joon Young and Sung Ah…isn’t it?

As I previously mentioned, I feel that this writer is really laying on the friend relationships thick these last few episodes, and it is almost enough to make a drama watcher despair. I swear that mopey Ji Hyun is getting more screen time then both our leads. Since that is what the focus was on, I guess we actually have to discuss it. Sigh.

Ji Hyun arrives at Joon Young’s performance interview just as he starts playing “her song.” Ji Hyun mopes her way to the stage after the concert to confess her love for Joon Young and to inform him that she is willing to ditch her fiance for him. Wow, that is such a deep confession. Amazingly, Joon Young was able to resist her mopey wiles and turn down her offer. Joon Young informs her that she had her chance, and he is no longer interested in anything romantic between them. From his reaction, I’m pretty sure that friendship isn’t even an option at this point.

Ji Hyun doubles down on making everyone miserable by dumping Hyun Ho. Hyun Ho doesn’t pretend to be shocked but informs her that her feelings for someone else (Joon Young) are just a phase and will pass. He begs her to not leave what they have but in true Ji Hyun fashion, she mopes her way out without a backward glance.

And if you thought that we were done with Ji Hyun, you would be mistaken. Next, we get to journey to her home where Ji Hyun informs her grandmother that she has broken up with Hyun Ho. The grandmother is happy, saying that he wasn’t in the same sphere as her. And neither is the “other” one. Ji Hyun is not thrilled that her grandmother is implying that Joon Young is beneath her. I’m a little sad that grandmother’s elitism is starting to come through. I actually enjoyed her somewhat before this episode.

Sorry to say we still don’t get to our cuties yet. First, we get to talk about the other friend relationship. Rather than accepting the rejection and moving on to someone better, Sung Ah’s bestie goes back to Dong Yoon and confesses her love. Keep in mind this is after he told her that he was embarrassed to date her and recently sleep with her again. Uhm, this guy IS NOT a catch and not worth the pain. But bestie obviously did not get the memo because she once again tells him she loves him, and he says, ” I will pretend I didn’t hear that.”

I’m super confused because, in every other situation, Dong Yoon seems to be a thoughtful and deep individual. But then he gets around bestie, and he is just such a total toolbag. I have to wonder if this is just bad story writing to push the narrative in a certain direction or if there is some kind of reason for his cruel behavior?

FINALLY, we are at the part we have all been waiting for. Joon Young and Sung Ah cuteness. In every scene, we get solid character growth and deep perceptions of their friendship/burgeoning romance and where they are in their personal lives. He confesses his wish that he didn’t have talent , and Sung Ah chews him out because there are so many people, herself included, that would kill for real talent. We also witness Sung Ah having to accept indignities to keep the professional performers happy, even giving up her shoes to a diva who forgot hers. Sung Ah is classy to the end, even under the disdain of those around her. Joon Young cheers her up by giving her an autographed CD signed to Violinist Sung Ah. Aw…these two are just the sweetest.

We finish the episode with them going out to dinner together and walking along the historic palace walls. They are quickly on the way to a romance to make this drama worth watching. Even if we have to watch a lot of people who wouldn’t know class or a healthy relationship if it came up to them and bit them in the butt.

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  1. I stopped watching this episode right before Ji Hyun dumps poor Hyun Ho. I just can’t stand the pace the whole drama is going on with…I understand it is about classical music but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with endless staring contests and ‘dead moments’, with almost no dialogues.
    I think I’ll keep on reading your reviews episode by episode, but not the drama…

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