Top 5 Kpop MVs of the Week: Duality

We have fresh faces and comebacks this week, music fans. Come see what the Stray Kids have been up to, and stay tuned for the one live ATEEZ performance I just can’t stop watching!

Stray Kids – “Back Door”

There’s a playfulness that always accompanies Stray Kids’ MVs, even the most serious ones. I think it’s the duality of the Kids. Enjoy that duality in their comeback MV!

Pentagon – “Twenty Twenty”

This song was actually written by Pentagon members for the webdrama Twenty-twenty. I love the vibrant feel of it!

VAV – “Made for Two”

This song is full of restrained energy, which is what I’ve come to expect from VAV. They’re either blowing it up, or just holding themselves back from blowing it up. Either way, enjoy this powerful ballad.

Treasure – “I Love You”

Treasure absolutely captured my attention with “Boy”, and they have kept it with “I Love You” — the MV captures their youth and their overwhelming emotions so very well. This rookie group is coming together nicely.

Cravity – “Flame”

Here’s another rookie group that’s on my radar, thanks to Miatamama. (Seriously, her music recommendations help me find such great groups!) I’m loving the stripped-down portions of this song paired with the kpop standard sound, creating something fresh for this new group to experiment with.

BONUS TRACK #1 : ATEEZ – “Black Cat”

In the reality show Immortal Songs, a new group takes a classic song from an earlier decade and covers it. They come up with the choreography and must supply the vocals live — no lip syncing. ATEEZ performed a cover of Turbo’s “Black Cat” and SLAYED IT. By the end, the audience was completely with them, clapping and dancing along, and the original performers gave them a standing ovation.

It’s an incredible performance and I keep watching it again and again. Jongho handles the high note like an everlovin’ professional, the rap is tight, Yunho has Yeosang on his BACK for one solo, and it’s all just AMAZING. Enjoy!

BONUS TRACK #2: BTS on iheartradio2020

Treat yourself to this BTS mini-concert — it’s a delight for the eyes and the ears and just makes me even more proud of our boys.

What have you been treating yourself to lately, music fans? drop down in the comments and let me know.

Until the next amazing show, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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