Do You Like Brahms? Episode 6 Recap

Hey there, Brahms fans! I’m helping Kmuse out while she has family in town, so let’s get started on this recap, shall we?

This episode feels like it moved slowly, but we got a lot of character and relationship reveals. Read on to see what I mean!

Song Ah is in her last year of her degree, and everyone else has plans for the future. One of the most fake professors ever decides to boost her social cred by talking Song Ah into getting her master’s degree. Unfortunately for Song Ah, as huge of a compliment as that is, the professor’s sincerity is lacking.

In another part of campus, Mopey Spoiled Princess (aka Jung Kyung) is very sincere in her desire to make things as awkward as possible for her ex-boyfriend when they both sit on an audition panel. She reaffirms that she really, really meant to break up with him, and he can take his couple ring off now. Seriously, that man deserves better.

Our sweet angsty piano boy is having struggles of his own. He’s been supporting his dissolute father for YEARS now, playing his fingers to the bone and giving all the money to his mom to pay off his dad’s debts. It’s enough, right? BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Mom comes asking for money again, but this time it’s for her — she needs a surgery that she didn’t want to bother him with. Hey Mom, here’s a hint for you — build a relationship with that boy instead of treating him like your own personal ATM (insert all the angry faces I could possibly make).

Joon Young is better than I am, however, and doesn’t cut ties. He just gets really frustrated with his mom, especially when he finds out that Director Nah has been supporting his family behind his back. His frustration distracts him from replying to Song Ah when she texts him to let him know she has good news.

Then we have drama with Director Nah collapsing and Song Ah’s bestie resolving to just get over CEO Yoon already. I don’t love Song Ah’s bestie — she’s very self-involved and forgets that friendships work two ways. Song Ah is not her personal emotional dumping ground.

On the heels of that, Joon Young and Song Ah finally connect. But our quiet girl with the steel resolve wants to be more than a token to Joon Young — she wants to actually know what’s going on in his life, and won’t accept anything less. Good girl! Intensely private Joon Young resists. Silly boy. She’s gonna wear you down in the end.

Instead, Joon Young goes to his BFF, Hyun Ho, to lay everything out and get his perspective. Unfortunately, Hyun Ho has to do real-world things like work, so they don’t get the bonding time Joon Young needs to figure out his own issues and OH YEAH, hear about his bestie’s breakup.

Mopey Spoiled Princess gets into a conversation with Joon Young, who firmly sets boundaries with her, including not playing her favorite song anymore. She cries and I don’t feel sorry for her. Maybe she’ll stop pestering him.

Yeah right.

On the last day of her internship, Song Ah, Catty Classmate, and their coworkers head out to dinner. Soon talk turns to “hypothetical” relationships, and Song Ah gets an unexpected perspective from her coworkers on her own relationship with Joon Young.

That same night, drunk Mopey Princess mopes around Joon Young’s apartment, where he sent her to keep her safe from other drunk people on the street. She snoops around his apartment and gets the reward of snooping — proof that he’s just not that into her.

Unfortunately, Mopey Princess has stellar timing and runs out of Joon Young’s apartment just in time for Song Ah to see her and misinterpret what that means. Song Ah resolves to harden her heart — being weak for Piano Boy is ruining her composure.

But, unlike the calluses on her fingers, her heart does NOT harden, and the episode ends with Song Ah confessing to Joon Young. You are brave, woman!

There you go, Brahms fans! Until the next piano piece, I remain —

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