Do You Like Brahms? Ep 7 Recap

Hey there, drama fans! You get to enjoy my snarky observations for one more episode as Kmuse enjoys time with her family. Read on to see what our slow-burning classical OTP has been up to in Do You Like Brahms?

Oh good! It was hard to end the episode on Song Ah’s confession, but I am SO GLAD it resulted in him telling her everything. I kind of wish we had actually *seen* that, but I will take what we got. And I loved that he asked her to give him a little time, to wait for him. That was not a no, and it means he just needs to think.

Meanwhile, Joon Young’s helpful professor tells him not to accompany just anyone. At least he’s a better teacher than Song Ah’s disinterested professor…? However, he tells Joon Young to shoot for the middle when performing. This is totally contrary to what Noona Events Director told him — to make it a memorable experience for one or two people rather than just pleasing many. You can guess which side I’m on.

Ah man, their freakin’ gentle humor. I love the banter between them. It’s so nice to see them connecting again. I smile every time they do. But then Joon Young runs across Mopey Princess and Hyun Ho duking it out (well, not really — they do have to consider that they make their living with their hands). Joon Young tries to calm them down, forgetting Song Ah AGAIN. Are we sure he’s worthy of our girl?

On top of it all, Hyun Ho accuses Joon Young and Mopey Princess of having slept together in NY. Mopey Princess admits it, the big attention-seeking liar, Joon Kyung denies it, and poor Song Ah overhears it all. SO DELIGHTFUL.

To his credit, Joon Young goes after Song Ah to clarify immediately. He may be a deep thinker who takes his time, but when it’s absolutely critical, the boy can MOVE. Song Ah asks if there’s any room for her between Joon Young and Mopey Princess. OH MAN, I WANT HIM TO KISS HER RIGHT NOW. I want him to be impulsive and SHOW HER, but he just can’t. Which makes sense, but hurts to watch.

When Noona Events Director visits Grandma Director in the hospital, Grandma Director reveals that sometimes she’s mean to the kids on purpose. She remembers what it’s like to put all her focus on love, and she wants to pull the young people’s heads out of their emotional stupor and get them to DO things already. The world isn’t going to wait for them to resolve their feelings.

Song Ah learns a great thing about waiting from her dad — waiting without doing anything is fine. We all wait for things. He trusts that she’ll take the road that will bring her the most happiness. Awwww. You go, dad!

We have a few pivotal moments in a row. Turns out Catty Classmate didn’t apply to Julliard after all, even though she told everyone that was where she was going to go. Do we care? Not a whole lot. And it finally dawns on Joon Young why Song Ah wouldn’t use his handkerchief — she respected something she thought was precious to him. And BEST OF ALL, Mopey Princess gets a lecture from her dad about not hurting people. HALLELUJAH.

I love that when Hyun Ho goes to see his parents at their convenience store, he just drapes himself over his mom and lets himself be weary. My kids do that to me all the time and I love it. We learn that Hyun Ho still hasn’t told his parents about his breakup, and then Mopey Princess shows up as he heads home. Goodness, even the way she walks looks mopey. He tells her he’s applying to be a professor because he wanted to be on her level, but that doesn’t matter now. Then he tells her not to come to his neighborhood ever again. I may have cheered, and then my heart broke for him when he went home and started sobbing.

More bad advice from Joon Young’s professor. And then the dating rumors start popping up and Joon Young quashes them pretty harshly. However, Disinterested Professor comes through for once and offers Song Ah a spot in a master class . . . with Mopey Princess. But that doesn’t matter, because as Song Ah tells Joon Young, she will put that aside to get better at her craft. Grandma Director would seriously be proud.

Joon Young and Song Ah have a pivotal moment where she tells him how much he’s coming to mean to her, and he reciprocates her feelings. The chemistry between these two is amazing!

The episode ends with Mopey Princess demanding that Joon Young play for her, and he turns her down flat. I cheered because Song Ah looked too floored to react, so I had to do it for her.

Can’t wait to see where our OTP heads next!

Until the next concert, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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  1. I really liked this recap, you’re hilarious! In the first couple of episodes, I thought Mopey Princess was just being shy or discreet when in reality is just a spoiled brat. I know it’s not her character but I wish Song Ah were a little more courageous and spoke up to defend herself…but I overall like her character, she followed her dreams and that requires a level of strength not everyone possesses.

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