Do You Like Brahms? Ep 8 Recap

Romantic confessions seem to be popping up everywhere this episode, and our leads have some serious decisions to make. Come find out if Joon Young and Song Ah finally romantically connect or if we viewers have to suffer through second lead filler for another week.

First, we need to discuss how our Mopey Princess suddenly got layers to her character. It turns out that she doesn’t just mope about life but has dreams of being a great musical professor and making a difference in young musicians’ lives. Not only does she have a dream, but she is pretty darn good at it as well. Song Ah attends one of her classes, and we witness Mopey Princess putting aside all her selfish interests and actually be helpful. Later, Song Ah contemplates how better her session with Mopey Princess was compared to her teacher, who just wants to dust her office.

We also get a glimpse of Mopey Princess’s and Hyun Ho’s past. It turns out that they were very happy together. At least until they were separated in America and grew apart, she even didn’t mope in the past. Shocker, I know! But this does make me wonder if they are sharing all this backstory and layering a little too late in the story. At this point, I still dislike her greatly, and a few good moments don’t erase all her previous moping.

Dong Yoon also shows up again, this time constantly calling Song Ah and saying that they need to talk. Reluctantly, Song Ah agrees, and he finally confesses that he likes her, and the only reason he didn’t confess before is because he values her friendship so much. Uhm…if you like someone, you don’t date, dump, and booty call their best friend. Just saying. We don’t see her reply, but I’m assuming it’s a big no.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Brahms if we didn’t have to deal with the big issue of musical talent and elitism. This week everyone is telling Joon Young that he needs to stop playing accompaniment with his friends or any girlfriends that might ask him. The reason being that by accompanying sub-par musicians, his brand and quality would decrease. He turns down both Song Ah and Mopey Princess, only to eventually reconsider for Princess after she apologizes for her sucky actions.

Joon Young rushes to declare to Song Ah that he only agreed to help Mopey Princess out of friendship. A declaration that doesn’t make her that happy since she was hoping he would answer the question of whether he liked her or not. Thankfully, her angst over his announcement finally pushes Joon Young to declare his interest, and we end the episode with some really really good smooching!

This show continues to shine when it comes to our OTP, and finally, we are getting more of their stories. The side characters are so much easier to stand when we get good OTP between their scenes.

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