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I’ve only been watching dramas for a little over three years, but three years was more than enough time to learn just how memorable OST songs could be. There are a LOT of songs from dramas that have landed on my playlists during that time! Here are 5 from my first dramas that have stuck with me — and you can definitely look forward to more in the future. Read on and see if any of these songs have made your playlists.

Kim Kyung Hee – “Warriors Song” (Goblin OST)

This song haunted me for WEEKS after I watched Goblin. Honestly, it still does! The mood of it — the sound and the lyrics — perfectly capture the Goblin’s loneliness and longing be done with this mortal existence after 900 years. Kim Kyung Hee’s voice is perfect to bring out that desperation, loaded with emotion.

Eddy Kim – “When Night Falls” (While You Were Sleeping OST)

While You Were Sleeping is a drama that balances so well between being funny and being poignant. I think it was brilliantly written, and this song is a perfect match for it. Eddy Kim’s voice captures the poignancy and elevates it with a certain amount of hope.

Park Hyungsik – “I’ll Be Here” (Hwarang OST)

This is the song that made me fall in love with Hyungsik’s voice. It’s so smooth and controlled and has so much DEPTH! Ahhhh, would that Hwarang had that much depth. It was still a fun watch, and Hyungsik did a marvelous job as the hidden king.

T.O.P. – “Hi Haruka” (Secret Message OST)

I had no idea what I was getting into with Secret Message, but I absolutely adored it. T.O.P. was a delight to watch, and this song of his on the OST made me a fan of his voice before I even discovered Big Bang. I really do wish he would sing more….

Flowsik (feat. Davichi) – “Higher Plane” (Criminal Minds OST)

I’ve never been able to watch Criminal Minds, but when YouTube suggested this song, I was all over it. I had just finished watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and was a brand new Lee Joon Gi fan. The gritty beat, paired with the contrast between Flowsik’s deep rapping and Davichi’s floating vocals, made me an instant fan. (I spy Moon Chae Won, too!)

Thanks for indulging me on this brief trip down memory lane, music fans. Do you have a favorite OST from an older drama that is a must-listen? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Favorite OST MVs

  1. JeHwi’s Dear Moon from the My Ahjussi OST always gives me the feels. Especially since IU wrote the lyrics for the song herself. Also Epik High’s Can You Heat My Heart (feat. Lee Hi) from Scarlet Heart is one of my fav OST songs. In general, I love OSTs I feel like they can add so much depth to a drama if done right!

    • Oh YES. If the OST is done right, it becomes part of the experience and I end up loving it so much! I’ll check out “Dear Moon” and “Can You Hear My Heart” for sure.

  2. There aren’t many OSTs from recent years that have made a lasting impression but I love 상처 (hurt) from Cruel City. I think it perfectly encapsulates the feel of the drama. The Legend (my drama gateway 😀 ) has a fantastic OST in general. Alas, they don’t make ’em like that anymore. Damdeok’s Theme (the main theme of the drama) still gives me “the feels” every time I hear it. In fact, many of the older sageuks had great OSTs.

    • Ooooo, I will have to check those out! Thank you! And agreed on the older sageuk OSTs — I haven’t watched Rebel yet, but I’ve listened to the OST on repeat SO MANY TIMES.

      • Well, The Legend is rather ‘ancient kdrama history’ as it’s from 2007. 😀 But the whole OST was composed by Joe Hisashi, so it’s grand and has weather the test of time really well. What I love about it, is the use of traditional instruments in the mix and that most of the songs are themed instrumentals. Modern sageuks don’t have this kind of soundtracks anymore (as far as I can tell) but they are still a thing with Chinese costume/period dramas, like The Untamed and Ever Night (loved the OSTs of both!).

        The full OSTs of Kingdom of the Winds and Conspiracy in the Court are from the same era and are great too. ‘Parellel Lines/평행선’ from CitC is another one that fits the drama to a T. It’s a curious mixture of modern and traditional that just works.

        • Modern and traditional instruments blended together is one of my absolute FAVORITE things. I’ll have to check out all of these OSTs now. Thank you!

          • Mine too. ☺ There’s something so hauntingly beautifil about e.g the sound of bamboo flute. Traditional instruments always give something extra to the feel of period dramas. Btw. I’ve made posts on both The Untamed and Ever Night S1 OSTs, in case you are interested. 😉 As OSTs go, those two are my absolute faves in recent years.

  3. I haven’t listened to much instrumental only OST, but for vocal songs:
    Any OST sung by Gaho. Every song he touches is gold and conveys the right emotions.
    Midnight Restaurant – Younha, When Morning Comes
    When The Devil Calls Your Name – Jung Kyung Ho and Sondia, The Street You Left
    Crash Landing On You – April 2nd, Hill of Yearning–p_UQ
    Extraordinary You – Stray Kids, Neverending Story
    WWW Search – Mamamoo, Wow

    • Gaho is the MAN. Love his voice and his work and everything he does!

      Ooooh! I do love that song from When the Devil Call Your Name.

      I’m adding the rest to my list to listen to later. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’m recently obsessed with the Prison Playbook OSTs and specifically the theme song “Ok” by BeWhy is dope. Other OSTs from this drama that I like are Eric Nam “Bravo my Life” and “The Door” which is performed by 2 Winner members.

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