A Positive Recap: Dating in the Kitchen (Ep 9-12)

The romance heats up as Shengnan and Fussy Lu get past their miscommunications and move on to the next step… meeting the family. Come join us as we chat all the positives of episodes 9 through 12 of Dating in the Kitchen!

The new neighbor

Shengnan’s cousin notices that a new renter is moving in next door. Mostly because all their stuff is very luxurious, it is no surprise to the viewers to discover that it is Fussy Lu moving in. He has decided that he needs to be closer if he is going to win Shengnan back.

Kmuse: Fussy Lu acting all natural as he moves in next door is hilarious. I’m a little sad that we don’t actually get to see the inside of his new abode.

Karie the Maknae: Does this mean the chandelier will always be in good working order? THAT would be the height of luxury!

MiataMama: I love how the first thing he does is plan to throw a housewarming party and then sneakily ask Shengnan to do the cooking for him. I think I know where we can find Fussy Lu during breakfast, lunch, and dinner from here on out – lol!

Drama Geek: Positive right? Okay, I guess his moving next to her has good intentions, and they take a while to show up. First it mostly just feels controlling, but gives way to much funnier hijinks.

Second lead makes his move

Realizing that he has competition (Fussy Lu is not the most subtle person in the world), Manager Cheng decides the best way to woo Shengnan is to get her away from her new neighbor. He takes Shengnan and her chef friend to a conference where they will be gone for multiple days. There he is his usual sweet self, taking Shengnan out sightseeing, taking her picture, just general cutie antics. Shengnan is oblivious, of course, but he is making all of our hearts swoon.

Kmuse: My mom was glancing at the screen while I was watching and thought this was the main couple since they looked so good together. It kind of makes me want to see them as the OTP in something else. He really is very kind and sweet.

Karie the Maknae: I love Manager Cheng. He’s the kind of oppa every girl needs — attentive and charming and polite. As second leads go, I do not despise him, which is saying a lot!

MiataMama: See?!? Here comes the SLS! I suspect that Manager Cheng is going to have Shengnan’s back whether she reciprocates his affections or not – he’s a sweetheart and a gentleman through and through.

Drama Geek: These types of second leads always make me think about real life and not drama love. In real life, this is the guy you need. He helps her out when she needs it, but steps back and lets her do her thing for the most part.

Jealousy makes idiots of us all

I know that this wasn’t all of The Fangirls’ favorite moments. However, I am writing the outline, so I can add it in (bwahahahaha). Fussy Lu is going above and beyond, obsessing over Shengnan’s trip out with Manager Cheng. To the extent where he is texting and calling her incessantly, and she blocks his phone. There is only one thing left to do. Grab your trusted secretary and spy on Shengnan, and Manager Cheng close up. Is it positive that your kinda boyfriend turns into a stalker? Maybe not. But it sure gave us some hilarious visuals along the way, which is why it deserves to be in the positive recap.

Kmuse: That toy binocular was comedic gold. What even was that?

Karie the Maknae: I am HERE for those binocular moments! The rest shall go uncommented on.

MiataMama: Those binoculars definitely stole the show during the stalking, erm, information reconnaissance mission. I was also highly amused watching Fussy Lu try to figure out how on earth one eats cotton candy properly — haha!

Drama Geek: Both the cotton candy and the binoculars saved this episode for me. I was dying laughing while shaking my head at them. Let the girl learn a few cooking tips and enjoy herself! :)

Finger hearts

Despite all his clunky stalking, Fussy Lu is blessed that Shengnan forgives him. Mostly because he finally admits that he wants to be her boyfriend. But before they can exchange more than his profession of love, he is interrupted by the hotel staff wanting his opinions in bettering their venue. Before she sneaks back into her hotel room, she throws him heart fingers. Fussy Lu just grins and heart fingers back.

Kmuse: This was flipping adorable. Also, I give kudos to the director, who managed to make the scene very intimate and lovely despite the staff yelling questions at Fussy Lu. I also loved that Shengnan glowed after getting the confession. Shengnan’s reaction and his to the finger hearts really brought home how much these two like each other.

Karie the Maknae: I love the push and pull between these two, but those finger hearts were the BEST. And Kmuse nailed it — Fussy Lu’s face lighting up is one of the highlights of the drama for me.

MiataMama: This moment also had me grinning and throwing finger hearts at our OTP. Could they be any more adorable?!?!

Drama Geek: Doofy finger hearts for the win. I haven’t seen a male lead this clumsy in love in a while, but when he looks at her with shining affection and tosses the hearts up, I am swooning.

Meeting the mom

Fussy Lu’s mother has been informed about her son’s new love interest by Secretary Li Man, as well as Fussy Lu himself. This means that it is time to see what kind of woman her son is dating. Mommy Lu invites them for tea, and Shengnan attires herself in the perfect “meet the mom” outfit. She is all ready to enter the dragon’s den. Fussy Lu enjoys watching Shengnan get really formal and polite with his mom. Shengnan keeps her composure, even when Mommy Lu offers her a ton of cash to leave her son. Shengnan politely claims she has a headache and departs. Impressed with Shengnan’s answers and actions, Mommy Lu tells Fussy Lu that his latest girlfriend is, “Not bad.” High praise indeed.

Kmuse: I love the dress Shengnan wore. I am a sucker for that retro kind of style. I also really enjoyed how the mother saw some of the strengths that the rest of us see. Shengnan really is a good person and worthy of her son.

Karie the Maknae: I loved that Shengnan passed the “don’t scream!” test when the maid knocked over the teacup. And her wandering false eyelashes were a HOOT.

MiataMama: Oh sweet goodness– how did she keep her composure with those eyelashes?!? I was cringing so much!! But I loved that Shengnan otherwise rocked that interview with Mommy Lu. (And I was super thankful that we didn’t have to suffer through the typical throw-water-in-the-face-of-the-poor-girl scene. Thank you for staying classy, ladies!!)

Drama Geek: I am a fan of his mom now. She kept a laugh in the entire time they were talking. Who can not burst out in laughter at the eyelash and their interactions! I am glad she could see how much her son gets along with his lady love, and how well they work together.

Meeting the found family

Fussy Lu also gets the experience of meeting Shengnan’s family. Her grandfather seemed to be ready to give him the shovel talk, only to inform him that he needs to remind his granddaughter to repay him. Then he meets all the street vendors that watched Shengnan grow up. Fussy Lu is obviously out of his element but manages to be polite and not too obviously overwhelmed.

Kmuse: I loved this scene because you could really see all the influences that made Shengnan who she is today. I can’t wait til Fussy Lu loosens up just a bit and learns to enjoy the chaos.

Karie the Maknae: It should be no surprise that Shengnan grew up in chaos and thrived in it. I loved the story the auntie told about tiny Shengnan wandering up and down the alley, asking people for food and putting together her own dinner, and then returning to her grandpa’s restaurant. Obviously, she started educating her palate early!

MiataMama: Shengnan’s found family is the best! And I also found it sweet that Fussy Lu thanks her for sharing them with him – even if they are loud, chaotic, and overwhelming! If they make her happy, he will gladly embrace them as well.

Drama Geek: This is my family gatherings. LOL. There are 7 kids and tons of grandkids and we are overwhelming. I think Fussy Lu did a great job with all of those people and the chaos. I too look forward to him relaxing and enjoying the fun.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I am glad that their separation didn’t last too long. Now, if I can only make it past the work drama that keeps showing up. I can’t even really hate the other chefs because, despite her talent, it does look really bad that Shengnan is suddenly getting so much praise, and she is dating the mega boss and close friends with the manager. I really hope they can resolve all this sooner than later.

Karie the Maknae: I’m with Kmuse — I want the tension in the kitchen resolved quickly and more gorgeous shots of food! As it is, I love seeing Fussy Lu and Shengnan learning more about each other’s worlds and how to fit into it — no one is changing for anyone else, just adapting.

MiataMama: Food shot close-up of the week? Fussy Lu making ramen, oh-so-precisely, gets my vote! Does this show always manage to make me hungry? Yes, yes it does! Can’t wait to see what gets whipped up in the kitchen next week. . .

Drama Geek: I am glad by the end of this week’s episodes there was less stalking and trying to control and more communication and cute couple moments. Shengnan is still very young and I hope to see her keep growing and learning as a chef. If any of the men in that kitchen would give her a chance, they would see she’d be a great asset to their work place.

Until the Next Mouthwatering Dish,

The Fangirls

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  1. Am I reading it right, that you guys are good with Fussy Lu’s mom? Because I am not so sure. She seemed like she was just biding her time. I didn’t like that she put Miss Gu through the steps of testing her or that she threw out all those names of potential wives to Fussy Lu. She seems to have backed off, but there is a glimmer in her eye that I don’t trust. (Or maybe mother-in-laws just make me paranoid.)

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