Do You Like Brahms? Episode 9 Recap

Our sweet and gentle drama continues at its sweet and gentle pace this week, but that’s okay, because there are KISSES! And Mopey Princess gets hardly any screen time! And there’s some other stuff too….read on to see more!

Squeeee! I love it when an episode opens on the epic kiss, even when we have to relive the angst before it. And the way Joon Young tells her that he likes her — formally, informally, formally — just melted my heart. I have to admit, I kinda loved the clear-the-air talk they had afterward. That’s what makes these two such a great OTP — when they finally communicate, they REALLY communicate, thanks to Song Ah’s pushing. 

Best of all, Song Ah turns down his offer to accompany her — she wants to get into grad school on her own merits. That’s my girl!

Oh man, Joon Young and the handkerchief Mopey Princess gave him. STUPID HANDKERCHIEF. Dude, the drawer is NOT the place it goes. Toss that thing in the trash NOW. You don’t hang on to reminders of your unrequited love when you’re dating someone new. 

Clueless Bestie is happy for Song Ah dating Joon Young, but quickly turns it back to herself and fake-yells at Joon Young for stealing Song Ah from her. At least Joon Young walks up and turns it back on her. I may have cackled. And THEN Joon Young owns the fact that they’re dating right in the middle of the cafeteria. Good boy. 

Oh boy! We get to see that Disinterested Professor ignores ALL her students. It’s an equal-opportunity disinterest. That duster should be worn down to the nubs at the rate she’s going. 

Awww, Joon Young steals Song Ah’s handkerchief. The mom in me cringes at the fact that he wants it unwashed, but the kdrama fangirl totally gets it.

Can I just say that I am LOVING the contrast between Slimy Manager and Sweet Noona Director and their approach to Joon Young? Yes I am.  

Ah, politics in the world of music. An orchestra is not just an orchestra, but a cartel to broker benefits for the professor while she dumps all her dirty work on Song Ah. Poor Song Ah. I don’t think she realized exactly what she was getting into. 

Heh. Hyun Ho is hanging out with his high school classmates, and is finally embarrassed into admitting that he broke up with Mopey Princess after they won’t stop teasing him about having an in with a wealthy family. They tell him he should have asked for alimony, at least. DARN RIGHT HE SHOULD HAVE. 

At last, Joon Young makes it perfectly clear to Mopey Princess that he’s dating Song Ah and that he won’t meet with her anymore. But Hyun Ho is being weird about Joon Young dating Song Ah. Turns out it’s because he doesn’t want Mopey Princess to find out and get hurt. Even though he doesn’t want her to be part of his life, he’s still protecting her. I want to swoon, but at the same time, I’m feeling judgy. She really doesn’t deserve that level of devotion. 

We get a flashback to learn that Director Nah picked Joon Young’s teacher because of his interest in Joon Young rather than the foundation. He used to be a good and humble dude, once upon a time, and reflects on the fact that Joon Young changed his life. 

Joon Young confides in Sweet Director Noona that he doesn’t want to burden people with his suffering and wants to let them think that he’s fine. She tells him to confide in Song Ah and share his burdens with her, just like she should with him. Now THERE is some good relationship advice!

My heart breaks for Song Ah that she’s gushing to Clueless Bestie about getting a single compliment from Disinterested Professor during her lesson. YOUR PROFESSOR SUCKS, SONG AH. GET A NEW ONE. She also encourages Clueless Bestie to say yes to a blind date, to help her get over CEO Yoon. 

Impromptu ice cream date for the OTP! Turns out Joon Young doesn’t like ice cream — he just wanted to have a date with Song Ah when they got ice cream last time. And then there’s flirting and ice cream going to waste for the best reason — KISSES. 

Song Ah eavesdrops on Joon Young practicing, and he says praise should be detailed. HA! They have more fun banter, and HALLELUJAH Song Ah does realize Disinterested Professor’s lessons are crap! She tells Joon Young that she can’t go to dinner with him that night because she’s going out with her friends, and reassures him that CEO Yoon won’t be there, since he got all cutely jealous.

But, of course, CEO Yoon shows up. AWKWARD. And then it’s the tail end of the party, when all guards are down and the last people to leave feel a strange connection to each other. Somehow, this prompts Song Ah to tell CEO Yoon she used to like him, a lot, for a long time, but that she’s dating Joon Young now and that’s her answer to his confession. Of course, Clueless Bestie and Joon Young overhear her. Clueless Bestie runs away, angry. Honey, it’s not like it matters — he just wasn’t that into you. 

Until the next note is played, I remain —

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