Do You Like Brahms? Episode 10 Recap

There are conversations abounding about how to handle unrequited love and friendships! Come see who has the best wisdom in this episode of Do You Like Brahms?

Oh dear. This wasn’t the action rewind I was expecting. Clueless Bestie snags Joon Young to go surprise Song Ah, and as much as Clueless says she knows Song Ah, I know what’s coming and it’s not gonna be fun….

Yep, that surprise didn’t turn out well. Clueless may be mad that Song Ah had a crush on CEO Yoon for a long time, but Song Ah didn’t act on it! Anyway, Clueless does a marvelous job making it all about herself again and runs off, devastating Song Ah.

But Joon Young is the MAN and goes to comfort Song Ah, even after hearing the CEO Yoon was once the object of her affections. I’m not sure I could love this boy any more than I do right now.

And then Song Ah has to deal with Disinterested Professor hitting anew low by making all the members of her chamber orchestra buy even MORE tickets so that the event looks sold out. Yay to Song ah for standing up to her!

Slimy Manager is trying to convince Joon Young to use his family for cheap PR. Joon Young doesn’t want to, and ultimately, he’s in charge of who manages him in Korea. AH. This may not go well for Slimy Manager. I’m so sad…..

Mopey Princess is getting bullied into buying brighter clothes, but not in a nice way, and is suddenly reminded that she’s supposed to actually PAY her accompanist. Heh. This is gonna be a fun convo.

Oh wheeee. It’s a garden party thrown by the retiring professor. She’s pimping Mopey Princess to the attendees, and Song Ah has a front-row seat to watch Disinterested Professor get snubbed. Heh. Karma.

But then Disinterested Professor strands Song Ah at the party, leaving her to ask for a ride from Mopey Princess. Seriously, Song Ah, get a different mentor. She’s hateful. At least Mopey Princess doesn’t let her down.

The conversation between these two ladies is interesting. Mopey Princess basically tells Song Ah that she’s just waiting for Joon Young to turn to her. It’s a marked contrast from Clueless Bestie, who swears up and down she wouldn’t have had feelings for someone Song Ah liked. I’m not sure it works that way, but we’ll see how that plays out.

Song Ah meets up with Joon Young later that night, and asks to see his place. Watching him run in to clean up almost NOTHING was kind of fun, but watching Song Ah discover the handkerchief that our lovely dumb boy didn’t throw away like he should have was NOT fun.

On the other hand, the boy keeps his emotional baggage in his literal baggage. That was fun.

OH! I want to know what the cellist was playing in Hyun Ho’s master class. It was a lovely piece.

Ah, clarity. Joon Young tells Hyun Ho that he used to have feelings for Mopey Princess, but he doesn’t anymore, which is why he can play for her. Hyun Ho responds by telling him that he should have either gotten rid of his feelings or not let Mopey Princess know, or at the VERY least, told Hyun Ho so that he could have taken action. THAT’S the missing piece from these conversations. Hyun Ho has the most complete picture out of all of them, and I really wish someone would give that boy a hug. He needs it.

Heh. Mopey Princess gets another wake up call, this time from Grandma Director. Not only should she pay Joon Young for accompanying her, but last time it cost a pretty penny. Mopey Princess is learning that not everything in life will just come to her because she wants it.

How can these two kids have kissed, TWICE, and still not be holding hands? Do they not know how relationships work??

Song Ah is confronted once again about her lack of confidence in performing, this time by her accompanist. I’m really hoping she finds it soon! I can’t wait to see that transformation. Unfortunately, she stumbles on Mopey Princess and Joon Young practicing together, and I can see her confidence crumble as she watches them.

There’s a magic to performing music well, and I know Song Ah will discover it at some point. Hopefully it’ll be soon!

Until the next note is played, I remain —

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