Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back: Halloween Edition

Hey everyone! It is time to check out the best Netflix available dramas out there to give you a spooky scary vibe. And while several of these shows have been recommended in the past, I feel that a good drama can be rewatched over and over, especially if it is part of celebrating this wonderful, scary time of year.


Zombies and Halloween go together like witches and black cats, caramel and apples, and maybe even flowers and sausages? (I know Drama Geek is laughing right now.) What they don’t usually go with is the historic Korean time period. It’s this unexpected timeline as well as the brilliant directing/acting/& writing that moves this series from a good show to a brilliant show. It truly is an event to watch this series and I can’t wait till season 3 arrives so I can enjoy the conclusion of the story.

Strangers from Hell (Hell is Other People)

It is now time for me to come clean. I have only watched the first four episodes of this show. Back when it was airing, I was not in an emotional stage where I could deal with this level of creepy crazy. But just because I turned into a complete chicken, it doesn’t mean that some of you won’t adore this. Be warned that the psychological/jump moments are pretty heavy in this drama. It is not your usual happy go lucky serial killer storyline. I also might return to this show since we are hoping to do a Fangirl Stalking podcast on Lee Dong Wook. This character was a great departure from many of his previous roles and deserves to be appreciated.

Save Me

I personally get really freaked out whenever you have creepy cults thrown into a show. Maybe it is the fact that this seems like it could actually happen. Yes, I know that there are not crazy cult recruiters behind every bush waiting for me to accidentally accept a pamphlet because I am too nice to say no, but it is not beyond the norm that these kinds of extreme groups could be living nearby. It’s this realism that really transfers this show from suspenseful to full-blown creepy.

Bring it on Ghost

About now you might be wondering if you are going to be forced to spend the month of October sad, with no sweet ghostly romance to get you through the long nights. Never fear; Bring It on Ghost has you covered. Not only does it have a forced cohabitation story arc, a haunting amnesiac, and a creepy villain worthy of remembering. But we have sexy psychic Taecyeon there to provide us with some bumbling romance and serious eye candy. This is a fun ghostly comedy that anyone would enjoy and I highly recommend popping this onto you TV if you require something more lighthearted.

There you have it! My perfect collection of dramas to binge in October. So gather up your steamy hot cocoa and get a blanket and pillow to grab when you get startled. Then prepare to enjoy every single minute of the drama you choose.

Do you have another spooky show available on Netflix that you think deserves to make the list? Let me know in the comments since recommendations are what make this community so amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back: Halloween Edition

  1. Black starring Song Seung Heon and Go AH Ra. fantasy/thriller/romance drama, Grim Reaper chases escaped soul to mortal world by possessing the the body of a deceased police detective. He gets embroiled with a woman who can see death and the people who murdered of the detective. Gorgeous actors. Nice cinematography. Fish out of water comedy and comic relief sidekicks. Plot twists and turns galore. Serious social and ethical issues.

  2. It’s not on Netflix anymore but I recommend Senior (2015) – a ghost and a teen team up to solve a murder at their school. You can find it on DailyMotion now as well with subs. I think it sometimes is listed as Sunbae but it is a Thai movie. Scary and sad and funny as well.

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