4 Reasons to watch the Chinese drama Oh! My Sweet Liar

The gender bender trope has been super popular with the latest batch of Chinese dramas. However, there are a few that have stood out above the rest. One of those being Oh! My Sweet Liar. Come find out why this show is worth watching as Kmuse shares her favorite reasons to watch.

Reason #4 – Cutey and talented leading lady

Xiong Xi Ruo is such a quirky and fun character. While she is one in a long line of quirky small leading ladies, she manages to stand out. Her quick wit and aggressive love of the good life make her a go-getter and a perfect match for the persnickety Li Hong Bin.

Reason #3 – Do we have a baby on the way?

Ha! To not get caught being all sneaky in the Li manor, Xiong Xi Ruo informs the first son of the house that she is preggers with his baby. Considering that they “slept” together in a bed and he has no memory of the events (he was passed out at the time), he can’t deny the possibility. It is pretty funny how these two falls in love, all while bickering over a fake pregnancy.

Reason #2 – Tsundere leading man

Li Hong Bin starts as a cranky character who has no interest in staying at home. He is more interested in leading the army, fighting for the emperor and country, then settling in and running the family holdings. But the angst is slowly replaced with happiness as Xi Ruo gets under his skin and eventually makes her way into his heart, which leads to the #1 reason to watch.

Reason #1 – Sweet sweet romance!

These shows are always hit and miss for me. So many times, they are all fluff with no story. Thankfully, Oh! My Sweet Liar had both fluff and a bit of a story. This, combined with the solid chemistry between the two leads, keeps me interested where I lost focus with other shows. If you are looking for something fun and light with a good story, then this is definitely a drama I would recommend.

There you have it, four reasons as to why you should be checking out Oh! My Sweet Liar. As usual, if you are looking for other recommendations then be sure to check out our first impression posts where we give spoiler-free reviews for various Asian dramas.

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