Top 5 Kpop MVs: Hot Off the Presses!

Hey there, music fans! This week I’m bringing you the freshest OST MVs I could find — some of them were *just* released a few days ago, and I am SO EXCITED to share them with you. Come see what I found!

CHEN – “Your Moonlight” (Do You Like Brahms? OST)

I’m not sure another song could quite capture the loneliness and sweetness of our OTP in Do You Like Brahms? Chen’s voice is perfect — not too breathy, but not overpowering.

LeeHi – “Brave Enough” (Record of Youth OST)

I love the chorus of this song — “Am I brave enough to be myself?” That perfectly encapsulates our OTP’s story, and LeeHi’s whimsical indie voice is exactly suited for the mood it creates.

N.Flying – “From You” (Alice OST)

My personal feelings about this drama really don’t matter, because this song is INCREDIBLE. Which it should be, since it’s from N.Flying! Lee Seung Hyub and Yoo Hwe Seung knock it out of the park, especially when they harmonize on the chorus.

NELL – “Blue Moon” (Tale of the Nine-tailed OST)

Tale of the Nine-tailed already has the makings of an epic drama, and “Blue Moon” by NELL adds to that atmosphere. Nell’s gritty voice, the deep and compelling guitar riffs, and the gripping chorus (“I will be your light in the dark”) have all the makings of greatness.

Gaho – “Wish” (Stranger 2)

Gaho is MADE for soundtracks. I haven’t watched Stranger yet, but this song makes me want to, and it will probably stay with me long after the drama is over.

What OST songs are speaking to you today, music fans? I’d love to check them out! Drop down in the comments and let me know.

Until the next time I push play, I remain —

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