A Positive Recap – Dating in the Kitchen (Ep 13-16)

Will our cute OTP be able to overcome annoying family and friends to solidify their relationship? Will real-life trials destroy their burgeoning romance before it barely has time to begin? Come find out as we discuss all the best moments of episodes 13-16.

Dating at the marketplace

Once again Shengnan and Fussy Lu prove that they are the perfect couple. They go visit the local marketplace where Shangnan terrifies and bargains all the sellers down to the absolute cheapest price. Only, behind her back, Fussy Lu happily pays the difference to all the sellers. I think this scene was created to show off the automatic phone pay system (hello PPL) but it still was super fun to watch.

Kmuse: I love how everyone in the marketplace refuses to make eye contact with Shengnan. The girl loves to bargain, no matter if it is because she is in a bad mood, or because she is happy and in love.

Karie the Maknae: This made me laugh. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not that Fussy Lu was trailing after Shengnan, making up for her crazy bargaining. It’s got to be a relief to the vendors, though!

MiataMama: Bargaining is a normal thing to do in a marketplace like this! When I visited open-air markets in Korea, I was always too nervous to bargain. . . So I totally related to Fussy Lu, just paying whatever price was quoted by the vendor! Just take my money please!

Do you like me? I like you.

Gah! These two are just so adorable. After the date to the marketplace, Shangnan and Fussy Lu go to their apartments and talk out loud to themselves. Shangnan keeps asking Turtle Lu if he liked her. Pretending that the turtle was his namesake. While a room away, Fussy Lu practiced saying, “I like you” The director cuts the film in a way that it seems like they are talking to each other, and I just can’t stop the squeal of joy at watching the confession that was not quite a confession.

Kmuse: Once again, I really have to give the director props for creating such a cute and intimate scene without having them be physically together. I’m really enjoying the creativity that goes into everything about this moment.

Karie the Maknae: FINALLY. I’m wondering just how thin those apartment walls are, though….

MiataMama: Their couple moments (even if they’re not in the same room with one another) are the most adorable thing!

A devoted son and boyfriend

Wow! Were we wrong about Fussy Lu’s mother! It turns out she is a horrible control freak who does NOT want her son to marry anyone that she does not approve of. Especially when it comes to a nobody chef (her opinion) who has nothing to enhance her son’s ability to make money. She tells Fussy Lu that she wants to have a nice intimate dinner with him and Shengnan, but when the two arrive at the restaurant, his mother is surrounded by business associates, as well as annoying Secretary Min. The two women manage to belittle Shengnan and force her to cook for their party. Subtly indicating that this is her place, not beside Fussy Lu. Fussy Lu is not taking this sitting down. He promptly gets up and takes the apron from Shengnan. Informing his mother through his actions that he, and in turn, them, were not above the women he loves. His stare down at their horrible behavior was a thing of beauty.

Kmuse: Watching him shame his mom and the secretary was a thing of beauty. They were so absolutely horrible.

Karie the Maknae: My favorite part of this is when Fussy Lu grabs the apron from Shengnan and offers to cook himself. I love it when the guy stands up for his girl!

MiataMama: Yes! I was so happy that Fussy Lu didn’t take his mom’s thinly-veiled antics sitting down. There was no hesitation on his part to show that his love and support were all for Shengnan! *claps excitedly*


After Fussy Lu is able to catch up with Shengnan, post-dinner party, they are confronted with the chef who had been fired for bullying Shengnan. The fired chef pulls a bottle out and attempts to hit Shengnan but instead crashes it upon Fussy Lu’s head. Fussy Lu knocks him out with one punch, and after a few heartfelt words, he FINALLY declares his love for Shengnan. Kisses happen, and the two finish the night fully in love.

Kmuse: So… this was an absolutely beautiful moment except for one thing. There is no way I would be making out with blood dripping down his head. It would get on my clothes or in my mouth mid-smooch. Go clean up, then commence smooching.

Karie the Maknae: I loved the equality in this kiss — she was kissing him as much as he was kissing her. Have to agree with Kmuse on the blood, though — tenderly clean that up, THEN kiss.

MiataMama: Kisses!!! And what my fellow fangirls said. . . First Aid FIRST!

Sexy times denied

Fussy Lu takes Shangnan and all her friends (he is a bit sad it isn’t just the two of them) to the lake for a mini vacation. There are games, drinking, and at the end of the night, everyone is split into two to go to bed. Fussy Lu and Shengnan keep sneaking glances at each other since it was fixed that Fussy Lu’s assistant would let them have a room together. This plan was foiled when one of the other girls at the party snagged a room for her and Shengnan to share. Ooops. Things become even more awkward when the girl indicates that she and CEO Lu (Fussy Lu) have started a romance earlier in the day. What????

Kmuse: Am I the only one that doesn’t remember where this other girl came from? I’m just a bit confused about that whole new plot arc.

Karie the Maknae: Apparently Brand New Bestie thought that getting Fussy Lu to eat ONE LITTLE PIECE of something that she garnished meant that they were destined to be together. WOW.

MiataMama: Kitchen Server a.k.a. Brand New Bestie is a bit, um, delulu. . . this is not nearly enough to get in the way of our OTP!

False alarm

Ha! Just kidding. It seems this girl thinks that since she gave a meal to Fussy Lu and he ate it, then they are destined to be together. This isn’t a huge positive, but we are thrilled that some random love triangle plot arc is not going to rear its ugly head suddenly.

Kmuse: #Annoying

Karie the Maknae: I loved the scene after this one, when Shengnan has to rescue Fussy Lu from her friends who have decided to make him their new best friend. Especially since his “loyal” assistant was no help at all.

MiataMama: It was just one strike-out after another for our poor lovebirds. At least none of the misunderstandings derailed them from their true affections towards one another.

Do I smell a birth secret in the works?

Episode 16 is pretty much all the angst you can throw into an episode and then some. Fussy Lu has to leave to do international troubleshooting for work. It is pretty obvious that his mother and her evil wannabe daughter in law are making sure he stays away from Shengnan. Shengnan’s grandfather also is hospitalized, and because of mounting hospital bills, Shengnan works nonstop at the hotel and her grandfather’s food stand. But a bit of intrigue comes to light in the hospital. A local rich CEO is currently hospitalized, and just from the small hints here, and there it seems that he might have something to do with Shengnan. Maybe the father of her departed mother? An uncle? Surprise sperm donor? Not sure of the connection, but it just seems like one is in the making. She also connects with the gentleman’s estranged son in the hallway. They both sing the same song when they are outside the patient rooms stressing out. Hmmm. The plot thickens.

Kmuse: I like the son of the CEO. I hope that if he and Shengnan do end up being related, they have a good relationship.

Karie the Maknae: I was pretty sure that he’s Fussy Lu’s half-brother. The CEO, who put Shengnan’s grandfather up in a VIP room but didn’t pay for it, is Fussy Lu’s dad, and this is his second family. It was fun to see Shengnan and Half Brother Mechanic connect, and smoothed over the awkward transition where we jumped to seeing him in a piece of construction equipment, scaring the living daylights out of some girl. (Kmuse – Hmmm My kids were in the room screaming so I was distracted. I must have missed all of the 2nd family indicators. I just saw him shift when he heard her name and then the awkward attempt as a thank you and jumped to conclusions. I also thought his mother came from nothing and was a self made women which got me confused about a wealthy absentee father.)

MiataMama: I think I was tracking the same family relations as the Maknae. A half-brother in the mix could make for an interesting love triangle (or maybe square(?), because we still have Hotel Manager pining not-so-subtly in the background). Or maybe he will be an understanding ally – who knows? I found it a bit heartwarming to see that although Shengnan was having to do a lot on her own, she did have her found family stepping in to help out here and there. She wasn’t totally alone.

Final thoughts

Kmuse: Can we stick Elitest Mom and Secretary Min in a raft and set them to sea? They are totally harshing the happy feelings I have whenever they come on screen. (MiataMama – I second this sentiment, lol!)

Karie the Maknae: I’m happy that we’re finally making progress down the OTP road, and I’m very interested to see how Half Brother Mechanic plays into all of this. He’s a fun one to watch.

MiataMama: Fingers crossed that our gooey-eyed OTP will get to be reunited next week – they really are cutest when they are together!

Until the next mouthwatering dish,

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