Do You Like Brahms? Episode 11 Recap

Oh no. Being mopey is obviously catching! Sung Ah is having a really sad point in her life as she realizes that being a star violinist is probably not in her future. At least she has a legit reason for being upset, unlike some other characters in the show.

This episode was all about people giving Sung Ah some hard truths. She gets hit by both her teacher, through her obvious neglect, as well as her accompanist. When Sung Ah complained that she practices really hard after the accompanist snapped at her, the pianist explains that this is a college where you are graded on your performance. It doesn’t matter how much you practice or work towards success; most people won’t make it. The truth hits home when Joon Young’s new manager asks Sung Ah to be the person behind the scenes who organizes his life. A personal assistant, since she won’t be able to make it as a musician.

Mopey Princess seems to be slightly less mopey. Are we going to have to re-nickname her Most of the Time Mopey Princess? She is practicing with Joon Young, and why it is still annoying that she has not given up on an eventual romantic relationship with him, she is less depressing. Mopey Princess has also started a tiny bit of mentoring with the young violinist who is being pushed around by her mom and teacher. Connecting on an emotional level, having survived the same experiences, she becomes someone to talk to when things get hard. I even approve of the maturity she is bringing to her possibly becoming a teacher at the college.

Hyun Ho’s life is really sucking right now. Not only does he no longer have the women he loves, but he also has been kicked out of the Chamber Orchestra because of his relationship with Mopey. What sucks, even more, is that it didn’t matter if he was dating her or being dumped by her. Either way, the feather duster professor didn’t want to deal with him.

Once again, the highlight of the episode is Sung Ah and Joon Young’s burgeoning relationship. Aware that Sung Ah is going through some issues, Joon Young does his best to be super supportive. He even ditches a practice with Mopey Princess to run an errand with Sung Ah to his home town. There they accidentally meet his mother. It’s obvious that Joon Young feels awkward. But Sung Ah is brilliantly awesome and makes everyone feel comfortable as they take a meal together. They connect so well that Joon Young confides his issues about his family and finances. Sung Ah remains the perfect girlfriend as she comforts him just as he had comforted her in her time of need. These two really are perfect. If only we could make everything feel a bit more upbeat when they are not together, I would be a happy viewer.

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