Do You Like Brahms? Episode 12 Recap

This episode activated my momma bear mode, y’all. Come see what happened to our adorable OTP and if it makes you want to set fire to ALL THE THINGS in their defense.

Ok, watching Joon Young just FALL in love with Song Ah after their trip to Daejeon melted my heart. AND THEY’RE FINALLY HOLDING HANDS! So much yay. I think that umbrella undid him. It’s so much fun to watch him play with it — the wonder and pleased look on his face was so sweet! And Song Ah playing with their return tickets and just being so happy made me smile.

WELL CRAP. And along comes Joon Young’s invisible dad. The man does NOT know when to stop, and he continues to cause problems. I get filial piety, I really do, but this has to be a good reason to cut off a parent. The man has a problem. He’s bled his son’s future dry.

Mopey Princess really is a good teacher. She finally has a redeeming quality! Of course, this being the story it is, things are going to get turned around on her and university politics, especially that retiring professor, are going to stifle her talent. All because a young violinist wants to play without fear, and Mopey Princess can empathize with that. I’m so grateful I don’t have any shining talents — that life SUCKS.

Hyun Ho saving Mopey Princess from the angry parent and trying to get her to see the realities of university politics is so awesome. I really like him, even if he makes dumb choices in whom he likes.

Song Ah got dumped by her accompanist? WHAT? Poor Song Ah can’t find a replacement, so Joon Young offer to be her accompanist. AWWWWWWW. But then he accidentally reminded her that he’s playing for Mopey Princess, and her insecurities about the gap between their levels reared their heads.

I have to say, I live for Joon Young’s happy faces. He gets so few reasons to make them. He’s so happy when Song Ah relents and asks him to play for her! And then he makes the equivalent of an Unbreakable Vow and says he’ll bring his umbrella every day, just so he can protect her when she needs it.

Oh yay. Drunk Clueless Bestie is unloading to CEO Yoon. She misses Song Ah. He tells her to go back to being friends with Song Ah. THAT WAS OBVIOUS, CLUELESS. But there’s a reason I gave her that nickname — she’s earned it. Anyway.

My momma bear radar started tingling when we saw Disinterested Professor’s face as Song Ah told her that Joon Young would be accompanying her. I just wanna slap Disinterested Professor. She’s gonna use Song Ah’s connection to Joon Young from one end of the university to the other.

Rumors start swirling around the school that Joon Young and Song Ah are dating, and that she’s using him to accompany her. Can we learn one lesson from dramas, k-fans? Rumors and gossip always make things worse! Because of the rumors, Joon Young loses out on a potential concert opportunity that could have solved his money woes.

Also, I hate Slimy Manager. He puts the burden of losing the concert on Song Ah, of all people! This is the moment when I wanted to set things on fire. That and the naked greed on Disinterested Professor’s face every time Joon Young’s name comes up in conversation. Somebody hide my matches.

Really, I just want Joon Young and Song Ah to have a heart-to-heart, unburden themselves, and walk away from all the toxic people in their lives. I mean, when we saw Song Ah cradling her violin like a child, my heart just BROKE. And then she’s surrounded by all these mean people!

HOLD UP. Song Ah’s not even in Disinterested Professor’s chamber orchestra, after all that work? WHAT EVEN. Dump her already, Song Ah!

And then she sees Joon Young in a taxi with Mopey Princess when he said he’d be with his mom. She has my permission to set fire to everything — all the pianos, the entire university, EVERYTHING. But she won’t, because she’s our gentle Song Ah, who just bears with it all.

I’m gonna need some good things to happen in the next few episodes, drama fans. It’s so hard to watch when everything is falling apart for our OTP! Especially because they have done absolutely NOTHING wrong.

I can’t wait to see you all when the next song is played, because I’m hoping it will be better than this!

Until then, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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