Podcast #116 – Fall 2020’s Giant Chinese Drama Extravaganza

It’s that time of year again when we take all the Chinese dramas that have recently been airing and try to get started on as many as possible and report back to our listeners. So come join us as we chat Chinese dramas!

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5 thoughts on “Podcast #116 – Fall 2020’s Giant Chinese Drama Extravaganza

  1. Love your Chinese Drama chats because I’m mostly only up to date with Korean ones and need someone to tell me about the good Chinese ones 😀 I started The Heiress and am amazed by how well the actress fits the role!

  2. Just finished listening to the podcast! Love all your insights and suggestions! Here’s my cdrama suggestions for you guys (if you’ve seen them and I’ve missed it I’m sorry!) :

    – The Sleepless Princess – the heroine is super cute and the hero fits the role perfectly (it’s Zheng Ye Cheng, from Love o2o and Love of Thousand Years). The story is good, and the ending is … good with an epilogue 😉

    – Professional Singles – this is still airing and getting subbed on YouTube but it’s an easy breezey college romance for the fangirls that like the genre. He is super tall, and she is super short (Song Yi Ren is always cute in these roles but it’s such an easy watch)

    – Perfect and Casual – Opposites attract contract marriage between Swoony College Professor and Clumsy but Loveable College student. The relationship is solid and pretty good conflict resolution which is pretty good for cdrama IMHO 😉

    – Just started watching “Love is Sweet” – enjoying it so far I hope one of you is watching this so I can hear what you think!!!

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