Do You Like Brahms? Episode 13 Recap

OK, prepare to read a tiny bit of a recap rant since this episode did NOT hit a sweet spot. In fact, it kind of made me mopey and upset. Gasp! The mopes really are catching. So if you want to know what I felt was wrong with this episode read on, but if you are still in a sweet happy place with this drama you might want to skip to the next episode.

It has been a very long time since I had to sit through a drama that started off with so much promise but managed to tank itself so badly. All of the things that I initially loved — the music, the directing, the sweet romance — has been overtaken by a case of the mopes. At this point, I’m not sure they can save the show but maybe a good rant will allow me to overcome and force myself through these last episodes.

So first let us talk a tiny bit about Song Ah. The sweet girl that we initially loved is having some serious problems with depression. Her self confidence is trashed after Feather Duster Professor informs her that she isn’t part of the orchestra but just a secretary. To say that this professor deserves a swift kick of karma is the understatement of the year. I literally think up of ways I could see her suffer (Spoiler…this might be a main topic in our upcoming podcast about the drama.)

But I digress, let us talk about Song Ah. She has a brilliantly sweet boyfriend who does everything he can to make her happy. And yet, Song Ah can’t get past her insecurities to appreciate what she does have. Yes, she might not be destined to be a great violinist. But Song Ah was able to achieve a level that I am sure many other wannabe violinists would kill for. I know that the writer was creating the whole “finding my place” story arc. But does every single person, especially Song Ah, have to look like classical music is the most horrible thing in the world? Not one person is happy in that school. For that matter, the only person in the whole show who is content is CEO Yoon, and he is barely a blip in the narrative.

And now we arrive to the story arc that really pissed me off. When is it ok to treat sweet little Joon Young like a piece of chattel? The amount of people in this drama trying to prostitute his talent, and in one case, himself, is deplorable. His relationship with Mopey Princess comes to a head. Mopey loses her support at the school because she was teaching another professor’s student under the table. All positive personality that had come forth immediately vanished the second Mopey felt deprived.

Mopey Princess once again confronts Joon Young about his past crush on her. Joon Young informs Mopey that he couldn’t ever think of being with her because of what he felt every time they paid his parents money. He wants them to just end things now and go no further. Mopey cruelly informs Joon Young that she just now gave money to his father and he now owes her. Uhm? Did she pretty much just say that Joon Young had to pimp himself out because she has money? That is so upsetting.

Even worse, Joon Young finds out that once again his parents have sold him out. He is destined to miserable forever if things continue how they are going. Even Mopey’s grandmother begs Joon Young to date her granddaughter and give up his life for the Foundation. In her defense, it was a bit more classy then Mopey’s blunt demands. Add in a dishonest mentor and scuzzy representation, and Joon Young is having a really bad time. I feel that things are not going to improve once he gets hit with the depressive explosion that is Song Ah’s insecurities.

We end the episode with everyone jealous, unhappy, and in the middle of classical music angst. There is moping as far as the viewer can see with little hope of improvement. I would usually recommend therapy but I’m not even sure Doctor Phil could help these people get through their problems. At this point, I suspect they will just miraculously figure out their lives and be happy in the last episode. But the drama magic has been broken and I’m not sure I will actually care when that moment finally gets here.

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