Do You Like Brahms? Episode 14 Recap

I have to admit, drama fans, that I’m undecided here. Our drama has stuck to the typical drama tropes, and our OTP has been miserable for four LONG episodes. If I wasn’t helping Kmuse recap it, would I still be watching this drama? Read on and see what you think!

Joon Young’s teacher STOLE HIS PERFORMANCE! (Is it really a good idea to have “smart” pianos??) Are any of us surprised anymore that ALL the professors at the university are jerks? Seriously! How do these students learn anything? I can’t believe that Joon Young’s teacher deliberately stole his Traumeri performance and passed it off as his own. Jerky jerk jerk.

On the other hand, I do love that Song Ah’s family tends to step up and be supportive in more quiet moments — it makes sense and matches her personality. Her sister coming into her room to spend time with her after she’d had a bad day, and then telling Song Ah that she admired her? LOVED IT. It’s been hard to love the secondary characters in this drama, so I cherish every moment. Song Ah’s sister is also the second person to emphatically tell her to make the choice that will make her happy.

And that’s the question, isn’t it? It’s easy to see the paths that Song Ah could take, but what would really make her happy?

It’s a good question to consider when our OTP has crappy thing after crappy thing happening to them, and they aren’t telling each other about it. I canNOT tell you how many times I yelled at my screen, “Just TALK ALREADY!” Joon Young can run after Song Ah all he wants, but he never gives her anything to hang on to — no declarations of his feelings, no trying to understand her side, NOTHING. He just keeps apologizing.

And then we have Slimy Manager confronting Joon Young. UGH. I hate to say it, but I can see Slimy Manager’s point — if Joon Young wants a career, he’s got to be willing to go out into the public eye. He can’t hide. Gee, maybe he should talk this over with someone. Song Ah, maybe? But he doesn’t.

WOW. I did not expect Hyun Ho and Song Ah to interact pretty much ever, and now they’re eating lunch together! It’s interesting to see Hyun Ho and Song Ah talking to each other — their situations aren’t really similar, and yet they still come from a place where they’re overcoming their backgrounds to succeed in something no one thinks they’ll succeed in. Hyun Ho has a better shot right now, though, even if will take him back to the US.

Oh man. I was hoping our OTP would have a chance to clear the air with each other, but instead I think Song Ah might be right — Joon Young probably does need time to sort himself out. He pushes Mopey Princess away, but then plays “Traumeri”. He kept the handkerchief. He has the music and the old phone with the photos on it. All of these dumb little actions play right into Mopey Princess’ fantasies, and I hate it. It makes Mopey Princess so certain that he likes her, but then it turns out that he’s protecting Song Ah all this time. MATCH YOUR ACTIONS TO YOUR WORDS, PIANO BOY.

But he doesn’t, and it gives Mopey Princess the chance to lash out and tell Song Ah about everything Joon Young has been hiding, twisting it to make it look like Joon Young still loves her. Jerk.

Seriously, how much misery can our OTP put themselves through here? It’s irritating, but it’s also because they just won’t TALK. I believe I may have brought up that point before. If they would TALK, Mopey Princess couldn’t get inside Song Ah’s head and Song Ah would be happier.

Instead, Song Ah is miserable and finally makes the choice that might make her happier — she breaks up with Joon Young. Oh, my heart. Even when he appeared with the umbrella, she still walked away.

I’m hoping for something AMAZING in these last two episodes, drama fans, because these two have been miserable long enough. Maybe Song Ah will drop everything, marry Hyun Ho, and move to New York with him. Then they can leave Mopey Princess and Joon Young to stew in their self-made misery together.

Until the next performance, I remain —

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