5 Years of DWASOK: Kpop Edition

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary this week! I can’t believe that we have all been kbesties and blogging together for so many years. To celebrate, we will have five days of posts reflecting over our favorites shows, couples, kpop, etc. over the last five years. We are also going to have an awesome giveaway, so join us as we start with our favorite Kpop. Hint… there is going to be a lot of BTS!


I know that there will be so much BTS, so I am going to agree with everyone else’s pick in regards to that group (because they are epic) and choose from the other great options out there. So without further ado, here are my five favorite MVs from the last five years that I just can’t stop playing on repeat.

Dreamcatcher – Scream

Sunmi – Lalalay

Super Junior – Devil

Mamamoo – Decalcomanie

Hyokoh – Comes and Goes

Honorable Mention – AKMU – Re-bye (Because choosing just five was too hard)


I’m not quite sure how I’m going to narrow things down to just five MVs?!?! I’ve not been listening to Kpop actively as long as the rest of the Fan Girls, but in the last couple of years my playlists have grown quite long. So, in no particular order, here are some of the songs/MVs that have captured my heart!

BOL4 – Wind

BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears

ATEEZ – Say My Name

DAY6 – Sweet Chaos

Stray Kids – Back Door

Honorable Mention – Ong Seong Wu – Gravity (Because if Kmuse is doing it, so am I!)

Karie the Maknae:

Y’all. I write the weekly kpop posts. Do you think this is going to be EASY????

Actually, you know what — I’m going to go with lesser known songs/covers/performances from my favorite artists from the last five years. Enjoy!

Gaho – “How You Like That” (cover)

I canNOT get this song out of my head. Gaho’s cover feels so original, and I love the dark layers he added to it. Easily one of my favorites of his songs.

ATEEZ – “Black Cat”

I have a lot of ATEEZ favorites, but this is the one that sticks with me. I’ve watched it at least once a day since I discovered it.

Hoppipolla – “Wake Me Up” (cover)

The genius use of the cello for ALL the instrumental parts in the beginning hooked me, and the bluegrass take on the Aviici hit kept me listening. Hoppipolla is a stan-tastic group!

iKON: ON Bobby and Ju Ne – “깊은 밤”

JuNe playing guitar and singing with that gritty voice of his captivates me every time I start this video. He and Bobby complement each other perfectly in this performance!

BTS – “Save Me”

Not a cover or a performance video this time. Instead, this is the BTS song that started it all for me, and I love seeing how far they’ve come.


My one true love is BTS, but along the way I’ve met many songs that have grabbed my heart.

2NE1 – “Goodbye”

I cried buckets when 2NE1 disbanded. My daughter still can’t listen to this song without sobbing. Rarely do we get a proper goodbye from our favorite artists, but this one, well, it was special.

BTS: Mikrokosmos

While the video is new, the feeling isn’t new. I will never forget standing with my kbesties as we watched BTS sing this song live. This one is for you girls, my Kimchi sisters, my friends.

Amber Liu and Gen Neo – Cover of Linkin Park’s “One More Light”

We don’t like to think of our idols as fragile, but they are only human. This cover of “One More Light” really hit me hard.

Super Junior – “Mamacita

Hands down, one of the most fun songs and videos of the past few years. I don’t know what I love more, the super fun lyrics or the overly dramatic acting.

Vixx – “Error

The video that launched a slew of robot dramas… Actually, let’s be real here. This is the drama I wanted when all the robot dramas came out; none of them made me feel the emotions that this video still makes me feel.

Drama Geek

I decided that I’ve been on a pretty wild emotional ride the last five years, and my choices reflect songs or artists that helped me through some of the darkest periods of my life. I’m also going to cheat big time because for a few on my choices, it’s an entire album.

Epik High’s entire album Sleepless in _____.

I’ve specifically put In Seoul because I listened to this one a LOT to help me fall asleep. Tablo’s podcast and their album was a huge comfort to me during the 2019-2020 year.

Hyukoh: Love Ya!

I saw them in concert and I can’t say enough about how amazing they are.

IU: Eight ft Suga

This song came after IU lost someone close to her and the pain and hurt really touched me. It also happens to feature my BTS bias. 🙂


I have to pick two for this group. Sorry, just can’t stick to the rules. For the song I’m saying Answer: Love Myself. The euphoria I felt when they sang this as the last song at their concert will stay in my memory forever.

For MV, It’s ON. The Kinetic Manifesto MV for this was culmination of years of BTS crafting their skills and making real world connections. The dancers and the marching band they used brought to life what their fandom truly looks like. I’m putting the official MV, but if you haven’t watched their Tonight Show performance of this at Grand Central Terminal in NY, go watch it now.

Taemin’s Move

No words are necessary. This man is perfection.

Honorable Mention: RM Mono

Yup, the full album. It’s the way it was intended to be listened to. Forever Rain is below.

Kdrama Jen: My K-pop tastes have changed over the past 5 years. In fact, I mostly listened to OSTs when I first started listening. Then, Kmuse introduced me to BTS. I became obsessed and over the last 5 years I have listened to them and attended multiple concerts. In the last year, though, I found that my musical tastes expanded because my daughter started listening to more and more K-pop. So, I think my playlist now includes more powerful female voices. I listen in the car, so my go-to songs are: Not Today (BTS), Cypher 4 (BTS), Birthday (Sulli), Solo (Jennie from Black Pink), and Tablo. I got hooked on his podcast (thanks to Drama Geek) and now I am hooked on his music. I am not sure I have seen any of the MVs for any of these songs (with the exception of Not Today).

Wow! Such an amazing five years of kpop! Check out our Spotify playlist of our favorite songs HERE and be sure to comment on the post to be entered in our DWASOK anniversary giveaway! We will be celebrating all week with new posts celebrating the last five years so be sure to check back tomorrow for some more great memories.

Here is to five more,

The Fangirls

Dramas With a Side of Kimchi

7 thoughts on “5 Years of DWASOK: Kpop Edition

  1. Ah it must be so hard to narrow it down to five songs in ten years! I think my list would be very BTS heavy as well 😂 Thank you fangirls for giving us great content the last five years 🥳

  2. I have to credit the DWASOK podcast for motivating me to check out BTS for the very first time last year. I didn’t catch on right away but it was my first introduction. It took the 2019 MMAs to get me addicted but still, DWASOK was my gateway to k-dramas and k-pop. Thanks!!

  3. I haven’t been a kpop fan for as long as you girls, but I do have too some song I turn to whenever I’m happy, sad or anything in between. Mostly I’d say EXO, NCT, a couple of BTS and a few solo artists like Shuan. I’m more a k-drama fan tho, so I listen to a lot of OST songs!

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