5 Years of DWASOK: Drama OTPS

Our anniversary celebration continues as we reflect back over the past five years and choose our top five OTPs (One True Pairing). So come join us on our trip to the past and chat about all the great couples we had fun blogging about.

Kmuse – Ack! Do you know how hard it was to pick just five?

Rise of the Phoenixes – The couple that plots together stays together… at least until politics tragically tear them apart. But they still are amazing as an OTP.

Stranger & Stranger 2 – Sure, Shi Mok and Yeo Jin are not a romantic couple, but their ability to fight against corruption is a thing of beauty. It also helps that the actors that portray these characters are brilliant and take these roles to a whole different level than your usual drama.

Ho Goo’s Love Ho Goo and Do Hee are couple goals. They are both so cute, and family-focused and I could not get enough of them and their adorable little baby. Now, if somewhere would only get the copyrights to air this again. Darn you, Dramafever.

W: Two Worlds – I am a huge fan of fantasy dramas and I consider this to be one of the best. Sure the ending wasn’t my all-time favorite and I might have made some fanfic up in my head to fix that. However, the absolute sizzling chemistry between our leads has my choosing this OTP as one of the best.

I Remember You – For those of you that have followed the blog/podcast for the past five years, you know that I am a HUGE Seo In Guk fan. So it would be a shame if he wasn’t somewhere in my favorites lists. And it just so happens that I have declared that he and Park Bo Gum were my OTP of I Remember You. Their creepy co-dependent relationship was the highlight of this drama and one of my highlights from the last five years. They definitely deserve to be celebrated as one of the best OTPs.

Karie the Maknae – I like to think I have eclectic taste, but I don’t

I’m Not a Robot – I was in this drama for the leads almost from the beginning. They were well-matched in intelligence and wit — I loved watching them go back and forth, even when he didn’t realize they were going back and forth. His loneliness and her empathy tugged at my heart, and their push and pull was delightful. It was just SO SATISFYING!

Terius Behind Me – Oh man. The slow burn in this one! She’s so quick-witted and self-reliant, and watching this extraordinarily capable spy fall for her makes me SO happy. And the way they grow together as a team and keep turning toward each other . . . . AAAAAHHHH. I want to go rewatch it right now.

Thirty But Seventeen – This drama is such sweetness and light, and I love how comfortable the leads are with each other from the beginning. I love that they also keep turning towards each other instead of away, and I love how they work together to overcome the difficulties that they’re facing.

Something About 1 Percent – Heh. I was in this drama from the beginning. It may have the trope of poor girl/rich man, but their push and pull is a delight from the very beginning, as is Ha Seok Jin’s growly voice when he’s really, REALLY serious about something. Usually her.

Flower of Evil – This may be a psychological thriller, but it’s also an epic romance. The way that Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won continue to turn back to each other, to solve the mysteries and situations in front of them so they can be a family again, just SPOKE to me. I loved their relationship SO MUCH.

Clkytta- Shan Shan Forever! Now on to more current dramas.

Ho Goo’s Love– Yes, Kmuse already mentioned this one, but it deserves a second vote. This OTP shouldn’t work; he’s too nerdy and she’s too standoffish, but they WORK. My favorite part about this couple is that he never judges her, not once. He trusts and believes her, and he loves that baby more than anything else. How could you not love a man who loves you even if you have the weirdest sounding cry ever?

Another Oh Hae Young- I don’t know if there will ever be another kiss quite as passionate and as angry as the kiss between Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung. This couple was so full of chemistry that you could see the sparks fly anytime they were together on the screen. I’m a sucker for a good underdog story and this one really worked for me.

Because This is My First Life- Forced cohabitation, a marriage of convenience, and a cute cat makes this drama a must-watch. Our characters fall in love slowly; they fall in love *gasp* after slowly learning about each other. I love this couple because when they really respect each other. Consent is sexy, respect is sexy, and loving someone, yet allowing them to have room to breathe is the sexiest thing of all.

Go Go Squid- I adored the novel this was based on, and the drama was equally adorable. Who doesn’t love it when a man who is solely focused on building his brand has a cute girl come into his life and turn it upside down? This drama is about compromise and respect and realizing that we all need someone to love. Gun is so delightfully confused about his feelings for Tong Nian, and I loved watching him go from taciturn boss to tender boyfriend.

Drama Geek

Legend of Fuyao-This couple will probably be high on my list for a really long time. There was just something about their action sequences, their love for each other, and those shirtless underwater scenes… These two were hot together and super interesting the entire drama.

Rebel Thief Who Stole the People-This couple’s commitment to one another has stayed with me for the last few years. I loved watching them fall in love, and become a family.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim-HOT, HOT, HOT. This couple was not only sizzling, I loved the way the got each other, and grew as a couple. I almost picked another of Park Min Young’s couples but I just HAD to have Park Seo Joon in a couple and these two were probably the ultimate pairing for me.

Just Between Lovers-This couple almost didn’t make it in, but then I went back through 5 years of tweets and I was head over heals in love with these two when the show aired. They both brought so much hurt and loss to their pairing, and I adored watching every minute of them together.

My Country-I’m taking a page of Kmuse’s book and picking an alternate OTP. Seo Hwi and Nam Seon Ho were the true couple in this show, they even died together like Romeo and Juliet. They had chemistry oozing from every pour when they were together. They also produced one of the best bath/shower scenes in drama history. But most of all, they did truly love each other and I wish they could have lived outside of their circumstances.

MiataMama – When you’re the last to comment and everyone has already picked your favorites. . .

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Bok Joo and Joon Hyung were the sweetest campus couple. I loved watching them fall in love and support one another through their ups and downs as college athletes. Their story just felt relatable and organic. And their first kiss, in the snow?! It’s still one of my favorite K-drama kisses – this couple had oodles of chemistry!!

Go Back Couple – I love, love, loved this story’s OTP so very much. When life gets rough, who hasn’t wondered how things might have turned out had you made different choices? Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun brought all the feels as they played a couple who gets a chance at a do-over and realize that their love and life together is worth fighting for and doing all over again. I’m a total sucker for ‘fated to love’ stories and this couple was a favorite!!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Yes, yes, this drama had numerous faults, and I’ve been pretty liberal with the ffwd button on subsequent watchings. BUT! Park Bo Young and Park Hung Shik are hands down the cutest, most squee-worthy couple I’ve seen to date!! I could watch these two snuggle and make heart-eyes at one another all. day. long!

Devilish Joy – This drama may not have been on everyone’s radar, but when it comes to OTP’s with sizzling chemistry it is one of the most memorable for me!! Ki Beum’s sweet and bubbly persona mixed with Ma Sung’s quiet adoration was the perfect recipe for this drama. This drama was all about the kisses for me – there were SO many swoon-worthy kiss scenes! (And to this day, I’m still impressed with that even with a substantial height difference, those kiss scenes never looked awkward.)

My Unicorn Girl – This OTP won me over and brought me back to the world of C-dramas once again! While the story may have required some suspension of reality here and there, I really couldn’t care less. I was totally in it to see this adorable couple swoon over, and fight for, one another. This is hands down my most favorite gender-bender drama to-date. Darren Chen and Sebrina Chen had a fantastic spark of chemistry and amazing charisma.

Telzeytalks: Oops! Nearly forgot this one. At least I have different choices – mostly.

Just Between Lovers – I’m not giving this one up as mine just because Drama Geek mentioned it. I absolutely loved this couple and how committed they were to each other, and how much they cared. He was jaded, but she was sweet and wouldn’t give up on him.

Touch Your Heart – This might be leftover fondness from Goblin, but to me, this was the reincarnation of Sunny and the Reaper we only had a glimpse of. An actress and a lawyer is almost the same as an actress and a detective, isn’t it?

Melo Is My Nature – My favorite couple was the documentary director and her husband that died. They just touched my heart so much. They were so sweet together. But I still was glad when she finally was able to move on.

My Fellow Citizens – Many people didn’t see the romance in this one, but it only really picked up in the second half. He loved her and wouldn’t let go, and she had to overcome her suspicions and believe in him.

Hotel Del Luna – I’m going to pick a secondary couple here, and go with the half-ghost-girl and the bell-hop. They were just so adorable and cute. We watched them heal each other, and he was so sweet as he went on ahead, across the bridge with his little sister.

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13 thoughts on “5 Years of DWASOK: Drama OTPS

      • Fave OTPs:
        When the Weather is Fine
        Flower of Evil
        Coffee Prince
        Suspicious Partner
        Touch Your Heart
        A Piece of Your Mind
        Something in the Rain
        I’m Not Robot

  1. I did see some of the charm of the recent remake (Something About One Percent) but my heart couple is from 1% of Anything (2003).

    It’s a drama of its time so you can’t really complain that she isn’t feminist enough or that he treats her badly. Heroine Da Hyeon is a working woman who enjoys her career and inspires her students. Her adopted sister is training to be a doctor and no one looks down on this found family. When she finally meets the ML (and in a cute way – the grandpa she helps wants her to date his grandson) – he’s rude but she’s not taking it. Their clashes are cute and fun but no more than society would allow. A good romance is one where you can imagine the leads each going their own way and looking back in love, not in hatred. I can imagine DoDo (her nickname) marrying someone else but telling her grown children about the ridiculous romance she had one year and hoping he is happy. Gosh, I feel a re-watch coming on!

    • It’s always great when you can add fun new dramas to your list. This one is full of a wide variety of couples and genres. 🙂

  2. W!! LOVE that couple. (Watch them in the bts if you don’t like the ending…)

    I also loved Because This Is My First Life errr perhaps because my husband and I are weirdoes and I can relate? 🙂

    Am currently catching up on Flower of Evil and enjoying them as well.

    I think what I like about all three of them is that each pair is a team that works together. There’s something “real” I recognize in each of them.

  3. HO GOO’S LOVE!!! I loved that drama. Also wish it was available for streaming, I want to rewatch it so bad! I would also add Wei Wexian and Lan Wangji from The Untamed. Sad that due to the restrictions in China we didn’t get a full romance. But the lingering looks and bromance were top tier!!!

  4. Stranger, yes; Because This Is My First Life, absolutely; also the Secretary Kim pairing FLAMES

    Ones that touched a chord for me? So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a in Oh My Venus, Yoo Ah-in and Shin Se-kyung in Six Flying Dragons, and Jo Jung-suk with Gong Hyo-jin in Dare To Dream, for the comedic hospital scenes.

    • I keep meaning to watch Oh My Venus and then getting distracted by shiny new dramas. I’ll have to go back and try again, since you like the OTP so much!

  5. Oh, boy! Where should I even start!? What’s wrong with secreatary Kim and Touch your Heart are surely on my list as well, I’d say the lead couple in 100 days my prince, Find me in your memory and The secret life of my secretary…

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