Positive Recap: Dating in the Kitchen (Episodes 21-24 Finale)

So…… It was a bit hard to pick out the positives in these last few episodes, but we tried to do our best. Join us as we say farewell to our OTP and let you know if this drama finished on a strong note or fizzled away.

Hostile Takeovers and Allergies

Fussy Lu continues to move forward with the hostile takeover of his father’s company, despite CEO Lu’s heart condition, which eventually results in his death. Little Brother vows to fulfill his father’s dying wish to save the company at all costs — even using self-induced allergic reactions to get Shengnan’s sympathy.

Karie the Maknae: The plot suddenly got very interesting as Little Brother stepped up, showing that he’s more than an RC car mechanic and that maybe, just MAYBE, he’s been paying attention in all those endless board meetings!

Kmuse: So, I don’t really find this as a positive. At least everyone looked nice still despite their boring meetings.

Drama Geek: Um… I’m glad Little Brother had a purpose after showing up so late.

MiataMama: How exactly does one have a career as an RC car mechanic?? For better or worse, Little Brother was definitely changed man after Daddy Lu died.

Little Brother Knows the Key to Fussy Lu’s Heart

In addition to some underhanded business dealings, Little Brother sets things up to look like Shengnan is cheating on Fussy Lu. Apparently, messing with Shengnan doesn’t go against the “no emotion in business” code the two brothers have going on.

Karie the Maknae: It’s interesting to me that even though Little Brother is totally using Shengnan, I don’t hate him. He’s just too much of a friendly puppy, even when he’s trying to be mean.

Drama Geek: Little Brother looks fabulous in that white jacket they kept putting him in.

Kmuse: Finally, Shengnan’s uncle was somewhat useful. It was nice that he cared enough to try and watch out for Shengnan. Also, giving Fussy Lu a heads up about what was going on. It would have been even more useful if he had just sat Shengnan down and explained reality to her.

MiataMama: I’m with Kmuse regarding Uncle – he was totally tracking what was going on and trying to run interference for the benefit of our OTP. As is the case with most Asian dramas, a bit more communication by all those involved would really help eliminate all the, um, drama. LOL

Set Up

Little Brother brings Shengnan to Fussy Lu after she gets completely smashed. He continues to set things up to look like Shengnan prefers him, going after his brother’s insecurities about their relationship. Fussy Lu breaks off all contact with Shengnan — our OTP is on the rocks.

Karie the Maknae: When Shengnan got all squealy over Fussy Lu’s tough, direct CEO ways in last week’s episodes, I may have rolled my eyes at her. But now? I kinda get it.

Drama Geek: At least cutting off contact was fake?

Kmuse: I guess it is definitely a positive that she finds that kind of personality attractive since Fussy Lu is very dominating. They blend well in that aspect of their lives.

MiataMama: If nothing else she still has Fussy Lu, turtle version?!

It All Falls Apart . . . for Little Brother

Fussy Lu and Little Brother face off at the ultimate board meeting, where Fussy Lu dismisses everyone else and shows Little Brother that he has completely undermined every scheme Little Brother put in to save his company. Little Brother is shocked, but it’s nothing to Shengnan’s anger when she realizes that Fussy Lu was messing with her — cutting off contact was a sham.

Karie the Maknae: The maneuvers Fussy Lu made to get his revenge on Puppy Brother were masterful — as much as I understood them.

Drama Geek: The fight between brothers is over. Yay!

Kmuse: I second the happiness that the fight is over. I never bought that Little Brother was a valid threat. After ignoring the business his whole life, are we supposed to believe he is competent to run a troubled company?

MiataMama: Fussy Lu’s business savvy is top-notch. It was satisfying to see him finally confront Little Brother with all the ways he wasn’t going to win. Confidence is cool.

Happily Ever After

The brothers make up, Shengnan passes Fussy Lu’s mom’s final test and wins her approval, and Fussy Lu finally, officially proposes to Shengnan. And they all lived happily ever after.

Karie the Maknae: I think the BEST PART of the last episode was finding out that Shengnan’s uncle had a wife. The look of surprise on everyone’s faces made me chuckle.

Drama Geek: I, on the other hand, felt the uncle was actually not into his wife… and the show just threw her in for censorship. They live happily ever after. Woot.

Kmuse: YAY! These last few episodes were rough to get through, so I am thrilled it is over, and our OTP has their happy ending. As well as a slightly better proposal.

MiataMama: I was most excited that Fussy Lu’s Secretary finally got his girl – yeay for their happy ending!!

Final Thoughts

Karie the Maknae: I was pretty satisfied with the ending over all, but I have one complaint that I will continue to air — someone took all the lovely food shots away! I WANT MY PRETTY FOOD BACK.

Drama Geek: Usually in a positive recap we do allow our real opinion to come out in the final thoughts. I’m not sure it’s necessary for me to go into great detail because my sparse comments probably give you a hint about how I felt. The show did not end anything like it started. The delectable food disappeared, our female lead misplaced her personality, and Fussy Lu became bossy and just not a character I cheered for. I am happy to put this one to bed, and won’t be recommending it in the future

Kmuse: I have to agree that the first half and the second half of the drama were very different. I missed Shengnan’s ambition and talents. They seemed to disappear the second they actually got together, and I was greatly disappointed that she just became a plot point with no layers. I don’t regret watching the show, but there are probably many that I would recommend before I would recommend this drama.

MiataMama: After coming off My Unicorn Girl (which I loved SO much) and going straight into this drama, I have to admit I’m pretty disappointed with Dating in the Kitchen. The story jumped tracks somewhere in the middle and even the brief attempt to give everyone a happy ending in the finale didn’t resonate with me. I was in it for the pretty food shots and the sweet awkward OTP. Both of those vanished completely, as did my enthusiasm for this drama. I won’t be recommending this one.

Till the next positive moment,

The Fangirls

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