5 Years of DWASOK: Best Action Sequences/Dramas

Our very own Karie the Maknae was adamant about adding a Action Sequence category. And who are we to say no to our maknae? So come join us as we share all those butt-kicking moments that had us cheering.


My Country: The New Age – The best action drama I have watched in the last five years. The war scenes were absolutely brilliant!

Joy of Life – It was between this and Ever Night when I was thinking about my favorite action Chinese drama. But Joy of Life won out… mostly because the main guy was just so darn charming when he defeated all his opponents. I’m a sucker for a good smirking character.

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy – This drama had some of the best action sequences in the first half. Truly innovative directing and doing action techniques that I had not seen before.

Train to Busan – They made running away from zombies on a small train exciting for the full two hours. Do you know how hard it is to make new suspenseful moments happen in such a small space? The scary zombies were all the scarier when running up and down the small aisles.

Last – This is one of those hidden gem dramas that not a lot of people have watched. The fight sequences were very intense and exciting. If you are looking for it, head on over to Netflix. Then come back when you are done and let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

Karie the Maknae

Fiery Priest – I loved it when the former guard to Malaysian royalty absolutely TAKES DOWN the neighborhood gangster and makes him cry for his mommy. There was a LOT of fist-pumping from me.

Lawless Lawyer – I loved all the fight scenes, but my favorite was the one where Lee Joon Ki and the gangster of the town went at it. They were so strong, and one was all elegance and the other was just all experience, and it was glorious to watch.

Team Bulldog – Watching the asthmatic former gangster take a hit on his inhaler and then clothesline two antagonists and throw a few more out of his way was fun to watch EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Goblin – Any fight scene with Gong Yoo dressed as a Goreyeo warrior is worth watching twice — the man knows how to wield a sword. But his final fight scene on the roof with his sword on fire? There is much cheering every time I watch it, and I’ve seen the series eight times.

Mystic Pop-up Bar – I loved it anytime when the mystical warrior, who is also the bar helper, is wearing a leather trench coat and wielding a double-bladed polearm that is also on FIRE, and takes down the bad guy like it’s nothing. Choi Won Young is fun to watch in combat — he pulls off the bad-donkey vibe so incredibly well!

MiataMama – I’ve only got three picks, aka I watch too many romcoms!

Lawless Lawyer – Here I am gushing about Lee Joon Ki again, lol! His real life mastery of martial arts was put to very good use in this drama. The fights scenes were all amazing and had a unique edge to them – they really helped in venting frustrations we all had with the bad guys!!

NOTE: This is not Hyun Bin, but is still a VERY awesome shot from Memories of the Alhambra.

Memories of the Alhambra – While these might not be the most notable fights in all of drama-land, I loved the fusion of real life and immersion in the AR computer game. Plus, watching Hyun Bin wield a sword while wearing a suit? Yes please!

Special Labor Inspector Jo – This drama didn’t get a lot of attention when it aired, but besides being fun it had the most unexpected fight scenes! Perhaps because Kim Dong Wook’s character isn’t one you’d picture as an action hero – neither are his ragtag sidekicks. But I really just loved being able to cheer on this average “Jo”!

Drama Geek

My Country – The best war action sequences BY FAR. There were also many scenes where the two leads fight and the need to win versus their love for each other was captured very well.

K2 – Hey, the drama sucked, but the shower room fight scene will live on in Kdrama infamy.

Legend of Fuyao – I love a couple who fights together, and the underwater fight scenes were amazing. The fight choreographer really liked to be creative too.

The King: Eternal Monarch – Seeing the king and his unbreakable sword go back in time and fight all the bad guys to save little king was awesome. I also might have a thing for seeing Woo Do Hwan kick butt… it’s a sickness I’m willing to live with.

Joy of Life – Again, very interesting fight choreography and I loved seeing the lead fight with the girl from the north.

Kdrama Jen

My Country This was an incredible show for many reasons, but the action scenes were really amazing. The directing of the full-scale fighting was a work of art, but even the intricate sword play scenes were simply riveting. I highly recommend this one!

Healer (This ended in February 2015, so it counts…right?) – This was the Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young drama that melted my heart. I was kind of obsessed with the idea of running across rooftops after watching this one. The action scenes were tightly filmed and made me feel like I was right there. I also loved all the hacking action from our favorite Ahjumma!

Six Flying DragonsThis is among my all time favorite action-packed historical dramas. I can’t even pick one scene, but I would say the sword fighting scenes are among the best!

Legend of Fu Yao – This drama brought us all so much joy. I remember our chatty recap and discussing all of the couple fight scenes. So much fun!

Ever Night – There were a few scenes in this that had me cheering and swooning at the same time. There is just something about the leading man coming in with his cloak and mask to fight the bad guys that made me so happy. I loved the combination of filmed fight sequences and special effects.


Six Flying Dragons: I’m going to have to borrow Han Ye Ri from Kdrama Jen, because I haven’t watched that many action dramas and I have to borrow from somebody. Ye Ri had the most perfect unbeatable-sword-fighter persona ever. It’s the first time I’d seen her, they gave her a good backstory, and I loved seeing a woman getting to play that role.

Caution Hazardous Wife: This is a Japanese drama about a woman who gets tired of being a secret agent, decides to settle down, but ends up having to defend her neighbors. I don’t like fights where it looks like anyone actually gets hurt, but Haruka Ayase effortlessly beating the crap out of all the bad guys is a lot of fun.

My Fellow Citizens: I’ve referenced this one a lot, but it’s a good one. The lady cop who marries the con man is a tough gal and has some good fight scenes. She even attracts her future husband by roughing up some jerks in a night club.

The Tale of Nokdu: Ok this isn’t listed as an action drama, but both the leads are trained and do some fighting. Nokdu does the most, but Dong Ju is good at archery.

Search WWW: This isn’t really an action drama either, but you have to admit that Scarlett and Tammy provided some good action on a car with a couple of baseball bats. (That counts, right?)

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4 thoughts on “5 Years of DWASOK: Best Action Sequences/Dramas

  1. Again, I haven’t seen most of these, but I agree with Drama Geek… K2 with the men’s shower fight scene is incredibly memorable. I cheered out loud for The King and his Unbreakable Sword. And Mystic Pop Up Bar: weapons that light up with fire are my favorite! But, I think you all forgot about the very first scene on Descendants of the Sun… was a fantastic knife fight.

  2. I agree 100% with My Country. The fight choreographers deserved an award for that. I also love to watch Lee Joongi and Ji Chang Wook in action roles.

  3. I asked a baseball bat for my birthday because of the lady detective in My Fellow Citizens! She’s one of the few things I save of that story…
    I loved a lot the fighting scenes in Dokgo Rewind, Extracuriccular and in Chicago Typewriter…The Oscar, anyway, goes to Mr. Sunshine…Dong-Mae was brilliant!

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