Do You Like Brahms? Episode 15 Recap

We are coming to the end of the show and can only hope that we finally get some growth and happiness from our characters. Come find out if everyone manages to kick the mopes to the curb?

Joon Young finally kicks his professor to the curb and decides that he will quit the piano. Unsurprisingly, the professor remains unrepentant about stealing Joon Young’s performance as his own. I especially like that he expresses that getting a ten from a judge because he moved them with his music would be better than being mediocre from everyone. Above everything else, that really bugged me—just another example of the poor quality of teachers at this college.

Now that she has lost her chance to teach, Mopey Princess seems to have become more reflective than mopey. She is greatly saddened to discover that Hyun Ho has returned to the states. We even get a huge montage of happier times for the couple. Once again, proof that she wasn’t always the dour mopey person we know now. She also confirms that she mistook love for jealousy and envy. Taking Joon Young’s friendship as something more.

Song Ah comes to terms with the fact that she will not continue with the violin after graduation. She shares the fact with her family and fellow students but has decided to still do her final performance exam. Like the class act she is, Song Ah doesn’t quit halfway through.

Song Ah also reconnects with her ex-two besties. CEO Yoon and Min Sung have gotten past their romantic issues and connect back up with Song Ah, reuniting the previous friends. Things are still a bit stilted but on a positive trajectory.

The other love triangle is also reunited but under much sadder terms. Mopey Princess’s grandmother passes away, and the three connect at the funeral. Like the great guy he is, Hyun Ho flies back for the funeral to be there for Mopey Princess like the best friend he is.

The episode concludes with Song Ah and Joon Young coming together at her final performance exam. Song Ah had changed her piece to a Brahms song that had meaning to her and her feelings for Joon Young. They play together, and it is one of the best moments of the whole drama. The two musicians are completely together in their music. Afterward, Joon Young confronts Song Ah and tells her that he loves her and wants a life with her in it. This is what would make him happier than anything else. Song Ah asks him to wait for her answer since she wants to be positive about her future choices.

This concludes the second to last episode. While we seemed to have a lot of growth from all the characters, I have to give it a side-eye. The writer gives us angst, angst, and more angst, then suddenly wants everyone to start acting mature and well adjusted. It just seems a bit sudden, so I can’t keep my mind from being skeptical. I did love the amazing music we got this episode, so I am willing to let the rest go and enjoy the finale.

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