Drama Teasers of the Week

The end of year dramas are lining up and getting ready to kick their way out of the gate, y’all! Come see what I’m excited to be watching very, VERY soon.


Hush sounds like it’s a slice of life drama focused on a veteran reporter and the intern he’s mentoring. This is only Hwang Jun Min’s third drama — he’s a veteran movie actor — and he’ll be starring opposite Yoona from Girl’s Generation. Starts December 11th.

The Uncanny Counter

We have three — count ’em, THREE — character teasers for The Uncanny Counter this week, and I will freely admit that I’m anxious to start this drama. It’s looking very, very good. Starts November 28th.


This is the flip side of the tense situation from last week’s teaser, with Kim Seol Hyun approaching Namgoong Min with the same caution as the SWAT team, but with a tear running down her face. November 30th can’t come soon enough, because I neeeeeeed to know what’s going on here!

Which dramas are you looking forward to, drama fans? Drop down in the comments and let us know!

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