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All I knew about this drama was that Jang Dong Yoon may have felt the need to go a little masculine after his last crossdressing role and went full solider on us. I also knew he had a trusty companion by his side that all of Twitter was worried would be killed off within the first episode. Come find out how manly our guy went, and see if the interwebs cried collectively for man’s best friend.

Why You Should Check Out Search

Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon is nearing military age (Yes, I was surprised too, I thought he was younger) and actually does a pretty good job of filling the role of an officer in the canine division about to finish his two year service. The director threw in a shirtless basketball scene just in case we still had the image of Dong Yoon in a dress in our heads (hey, he made a very pretty girl, and rocked that hanbok). I loved seeing him with his sidekick Leo. His character is a bit hotheaded, but I would definitely want him on my side if I had to go looking for a rabid wolf. Okay, he MAY have ran away screaming when the wolf actually ran toward him, AND he may have gotten shot by a tranquilizer, but he still proves he’s a good soldier and great at handling Leo.


Son Ye Rim (Krystal) is tasked with finding a missing soldier who could have been take by other rabid wolves in the area, and they bring Dong Jin (Dong Yoon) and Leo in on the search. But what they find really isn’t a rabid wolf. They’re surrounded by yellow eyed dogs, that resemble hyenas more than wolves. Sadly, here is where all of Twitter must weep, but I think you as a viewer need to know that Leo does NOT make it out of this alive. But… he does manage to move inside that body bag as they’re taking him away. So does the fallen solider. By the end of episode two we have a full on zombie like person running amuck at the morgue.

Yoon Park

I was delighted when the solider Dong Jin had to bunk with at the military police station was one very handsome Yoon Park. He gets one last chance before being thrown out of the military and is assigned to the task force that is going to find out what those yellow-eyed dogs are and take them down. Of course Dong Jin is assigned to the team as well. He uses a retired service dog, and is determined to find Leo’s killer. Bonus: Yoon Park is very yummy in uniform.

Moon Jeong Hae Kicking Butt

This actress has peaked my interest in the last few roles she’s been in. In this drama she’s a guide that works in the military zone and lives near the DMZ. She happily rides her scooter to work, and when gangster men are harassing one of her tourists, she kicks their butt in style. I’m pretty sure she’s Dong Jin’s mom, and possibly tied to the incident that happened in the past. Yes, I left the setup out of my impression because I think it’s a good one to experience. Let’s just say that something happened back when our leads were babies that might have unleashed those yellow-eyed monsters into that area.

Lots of Soldiers

I am shallow! There are lots of handsome soldiers in both the past (Yeon Woo Jin!) and the present. I know these pretty faces will not carry me through, that is why I like that the drama has a tense feel and solid writing so far. Both the writer and director are more familiar with movies than dramas, and it shows. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Krystal was going to be eaten by man/dog beasts and hoping dearly that poor Leo would make it out alive. This is a OCN military based drama. No fluffy romance, though our leads have dated before, and will undoubtedly lean on one another during the show.

Are you checking it out?

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