Top 5 Kpop MVs: They’ve Got Some Muscle!

This week’s MVs all have one thing in common — they are strong, STRONG performances that feel grounded and polished, even though two of them are rookie groups! Come see what I’ve found for this week’s top 5 music videos.

You Have To See This! ATEEZ – “The Black Cat Nero” Halloween Performance Video

Halloween may be over, but my love for this song is NOT. It still has the energy of their live performance, plus amazing costumes and a cameo at the end that legit made my jaw drop. Tell me you loved this as much as I did!

And now for your regularly scheduled kpop videos….

P1Harmony – “Siren”

This is a phenomenal, polished debut — the concept is solid, the song feels fresh, and their dancing is top-notch. I’ll be keeping an eye on this group.

D-Crunch – “Across the Universe”

D-Crunch has a tendency to surprise me — I never expect to like their songs as much as I do. Between “Pierrot” and “Across the Universe”, I’m a fan. I love the dark and mysterious tone of the song, with the strong bass and the interesting blend of unique voices.

WEi – “Twilight”

This song is somewhat compelling — it feels like something you’d listen to in the summer, late at night as you drive home from a party. Oooorrrr maybe that’s just me. Either way, enjoy this debut performance from WEi. (Debut #2!!)

Loona – “Why Not?”

I’m liking this song — the strong vocals match the strong tone of the MV. There’s nothing breathy or cutesy here — just explosions and cars and oversized planets and four girls having fun.

Seventeen – “HOME;RUN”

Love the pop vibe with the jazzy background. Seventeen continues to grow and get amazing. Enjoy this Vegas-style bop!

BONUS TRACK: One Voice Children’s Choir – “Dynamite” (cover)

So these children are adorable and their energy is perfectly matched to “Dynamite”. I really, really love this cover!

What can I say, music fans? I snuck 7 videos into a top 5 post because there was just THAT MUCH good content out there! Will you be keeping an eye on our rookie groups? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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