Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Episode 9-10 Recap

“Eonnie, someone was here!”

Mimi warns us of trouble this week. While our storylines continue moving forward, we are relieved that they aren’t dragging things out. We are still on pins and needles with what will happen to our beloved Ra Ra and Joon!

Cute Times

RaRa and Joon get a few cute scenes together. They play the piano, and they reminisce. He recalls all the times he loaned her money and says they are good memories. She talks about missing her dad, and that she wished she had told him that she loved him. Having Dad mentioned again reminds us of MiataMama’s theory that he is still alive somewhere.

“This is so frustrating!”

When Joon and RaRa walk into the piano studio they find dirt on the floor. Mimi meets them and tries to tell them that someone has been there. How cute is it that she gets dialog balloons? It’s so sad when they don’t understand her, and she complains she is frustrated.

Clkytta: Mimi is the real star of the show and I am offended that they tried to pin the stalker being there on her. It was darling how Joon wiped the dirt off her paws and didn’t get on to her even if he thought she was eating plants.

Kmuse: Half the time I think that dog is just a stuffed animal. She is too perfect.

Ha Young falls and scrapes her knee. Seung Ki says it is because she has been mean to RaRa, but he bandages her up and piggybacks her home. He is sweet and she seems to soften as she gives him little secret looks.

Telzeytalks: I love it when we get to hear what animals in the dramas are thinking. This is my favorite scene with Mimi. And how cute are the two teenagers together?

Clkytta: Ha Young’s fall means that she sees her bestie in a whole new light. I cracked up at her comment about when did his shoulders get so big? Seeing her become aware of him as a man had me giggling like a teenager myself.

MiataMama: I am so excited that the Ha Young/Seung Ki ship is finally setting sail!!! Seung Ki has been so patient with her and I’m happy that she’s finally realizing what a good man she’s got, right under her nose!

Kmuse: They are super cute together. I like that she is finally noticing the boy that has stood by her side all this time.

The Stalker Strikes

Kmuse said she likes a good stalking and didn’t want this one to fizzle out. Well, she got her wish. Gangster PI and Stalker meet each other in front of the piano studio, and Gangster PI gets clunked over the head with a brick. Stylist Mom finds him and calls emergency.

Teleytalks: Wow, there must be loose bricks lying around all over Korea; there was one in Stranger 2.

Clkytta: Bricks are a common weapon. Building materials must be everywhere. I was really upset about Gangster PI getting conked over the head though. He’s not a bad guy and I don’t want him hurt!

MiataMama: Thankfully Gangster PI will recover from his injury and maybe there’s a new pairing on the horizon?? I can totally see Stylist mom and Gangster PI together – or maybe that’s just me, lol?! Hair Chop is bad news and I was anxious all this week as he schemed to hurt our precious Ra Ra.

Kmuse: I 100% want Gangster PI to find love and I think putting him with Stylist Mom really would work for me.

Jae Min’s Contest

RaRa enters cutie pie Jae Min in a youth piano contest and brings in the neighborhood ladies to be a practice audience. They become immediate fans and get him a suit to wear. They also twist Dr. Cha’s arm to take them all out to dinner afterward with our found family of Stylist Mom and the teenagers.

Just before the piano contest Stalker tries to kidnap Jae Min and fails, but in the tussle dislocates Jae Min’s arm. He doesn’t complain because he doesn’t want to disappoint RaRa, but when it is his turn to play he is unable to lift his arm and he begins to cry. She is reminded of a similar thing happening to her at her first piano contest when she was a child. Inspired by her dad’s long-ago actions, she stands up and cries, “Bravo, Bravo!”

Telzeytalks: The part about RaRa remembering her dad and shouting, “Bravo!” is a high point, but it took me out of the story that Jae Min got hurt and didn’t say anything for so long. Where was his dad? Even if he were at work during the day he could have been at the dinner.

Clkytta: RaRa is the best teacher ever, and I love how she supports Jae Min. Jae Min doesn’t need his dad there. Dad doesn’t move the plot, so he’s one of those threads that never fully gets sewn into the plot. Instead of Dad, we get Dr. Cha, who we see has great dad potential.

MiataMama: I loved how Jae Min was immediately brought into the found-family fold by the neighborhood ahjummas. (I feel super sentimental now as I remember my fellow ahjumma neighbors taking me and my kiddos under their wings when I lived in Korea.) And then I actually got teary-eyed when RaRa stood up to clap for him after he was unable to play properly! I love, love, love all these characters so much – they give me so many warm fuzzies.

Kmuse: Jae Min is such a trooper. That poor little boy getting hurt and then trying to go through it. I love that his found family was able to cheer him on just like RaRa’s dad did in the past.

A Dark and Stormy Night

That night Stalker succeeds in kidnapping RaRa. Luckily it was recorded by the security camera in Dr. Cha’s car, and Haraboji calls the police. RaRa wakes up to find herself tied to a chair, facing a Stalker who becomes ever creepier as he crookedly smiles and says he wants her love. He believes that she came to town to see him.

As it starts to rain furiously, Joon runs down an alleyway where he had followed Stalker once before. The electricity seems to be out as he finds the apartment that is all papered with pictures of RaRa. He also finds a cardboard box from that multi-marketing scam company, somehow assumes they are connected and hightails it to their headquarters. He finds RaRa unconscious on the floor and immediately attacks Stalker. The fight ends suddenly when Stalker hits his head on a desk.

The next thing we know, RaRa and Stalker are being taken away in ambulances and Joon is being taken to the police station. They question him; he is too stunned to answer, but they figure out who he is anyway. Then the team leader matches Joon with the file. He remembers Mom showing up, yelling at the officers, and throwing money envelopes at them. Immensely relieved, he cheers, “WE FOUND HIM!”

Telzeytalks: I wonder, since Stalker thinks RaRa came to town for him, could he be the Instagram friend after all, or is he just delusional?

Clkytta: Ahem, there is more than one stalker here. Joon has had his eye on this guy for a while. I’m so glad that Joon didn’t trust him and followed him. When RaRa heard Joon calling for her, we all knew things were going to be ok. The fight that ensued proved how much Joon cares for RaRa. We also see how young Joon really is when the gravity of what has happened hits him.

MiataMama: I was SO worried for a couple of minutes when I thought Hair Chop had died!!! I think I may have been shouting ‘NOOOOO!’ at the screen on multiple occasions as we dealt with RaRa’s kidnapping and its aftermath.

Kmuse: Am I the only one surprised that the stalker story arc is cleared up just halfway through the drama.

Mom Takes Over

Clkytta told us nothing is what it seems, and we find out this includes Joon. Suddenly, when he comes face to face with his mom, he becomes a kid and the police treat him like one. He finds out that his mom has not told his dad that he ran away, and he is deflated because Dad is the one he was trying to hurt. Joon even loses status with Ha Young and Seung Ki, as they realize they don’t have to be respectful to him!

The next part of the story is pretty entertaining. Mom, checking out what her boy has been up to, runs across Dr. Cha, Gangster PI, and the neighborhood ladies at the hair salon. She is so on edge that she nearly loses her temper several times, but then catches herself as she realizes that she is with other adults that she needs to be polite too!

Telzeytalks: Mom and Gangster PI are always great together, but it was hilarious to watch her with the neighborhood ladies, telling their stories of how brave Joon has been.

Clkytta: I actually have some sympathy for Mom. I bet Joon is a handful. Her husband is pretty domineering and her son doesn’t listen to her, so it’s not wonder that she is a simmering mess.

MiataMama: I’ve actually grown to be fond of Joon’s Mom, just as much as the rest of the characters – she’s just doing the best she can! And that slightly crazed madwoman personality that threatens to break free, as she balances dealing with her difficult family and maintaining her sanity? It’s actually a bit relatable!

Kmuse: Mom might be my favorite character of the drama. She is hilarious.

Hospital Pajamas

Even though people had been watching over her in the hospital, when RaRa wakes up, she is alone. She rips out her IV and runs out into the hall, where she finds Gangster PI. He blurts out all his woes, including the part about Joon being in high school.

RaRa takes a taxi to the police station still in her hospital pajamas, finds she has missed Joon and wanders home. She finally gets a call from him and agrees to meet at the ferry stop. When he gets there, he is also met by dear old Mom, who was with RaRa during the phone call. When he tries to argue, Dad shows up, and it’s all over.

Telzeytalks: RaRa is a nice girl who has always loved and obeyed her father. No matter how she feels about Joon, she knows his parents need to be respected. I’m just sad that they let her run around in her hospital pajamas this whole time.

Clkytta: I think RaRa was caught in the middle. I don’t think she told anyone about their meeting willingly. I agree that she is an obedient person, so she would have had a hard time not answering the questions from Joon’s family. They are smart, they can’t find Joon, but they can find her. It’s the age old story, follow one lover to find the other one.

MiataMama: I was just crushed that they couldn’t give Joon even five measly minutes to talk to her before hauling him off – for both their sakes. I think it was also difficult to see Joon being treated as a misbehaving teenager vs the independent, capable man that we’ve been presented with up until now.

Kmuse: You all have said what I was thinking. I’m traumatized.

Our Thoughts

Telzeytalks: I feel like this whole drama of fake-outs and finding out that people are different than you thought has come to its target fake-out: of Joon not being a grown man. The age gap has been weird, but it made a believable conflict between the main couple, between Joon and his parents, and was a reason for having secrets. At least I hope we are rid of the stalker.

Clkytta: Big sigh here. I’m going to call it already. We are about to get a time jump. I don’t know how they can do this without a time jump. Joon is a minor, so there is nothing he can do on his own. It doesn’t matter who wants to help him because his parents are people with power. Even if he runs away again, we are looking at a time jump. Y’all, I really hate time jumps, but I’m ok in this situation. Let’s let Joon grow up a little and RaRa find her feet and then we can welcome their relationship.

MiataMama: Another big sigh over here too. I know the time jump is coming, so I’m preparing myself mentally. In the meantime, I hope that RaRa’s Eunpo family will continue to come around her and help her heal from the trauma of her kidnapping and deal with Joon being whisked back to Seoul. This week just left me feeling so sad – I hope happy times are on the horizon!!

Kmuse: Yay for time jumps and adult romantic antics. Can’t wait.

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