First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: The Spies Who Loved Me

Good OTP chemistry, stylish directing, and just something that is fun fun FUN. Come find out why you should be checking out the drama The Spies Who Loved Me as we share our first impressions and random thoughts.

The Plot says, “Kang Ah Reum is a wedding dress designer who has been married twice. Her two husbands harbor many secrets and Ah Reum gets swept up in them. Jun Ji Hoon disguises himself as a travel writer, but he is actually a secret agent for Interpol. His job as a secret agent is a way for Jun Ji Hoon to support himself financially. He is currently divorced. He was married to Kang Ah Reum, but they divorced without Kang Ah Reum learning about his secret life as a spy. Kang Ah Reum now works as a wedding dress designer. She met Derek Hyun after her divorce and they eventually married. Her current husband works as a diplomatic official and seems gentle and warm. His secret is that he is actually a cold-blooded industrial spy. Derek Hyun treats his wife sweetly, but, for his job as an industrial spy, he will do anything. He loves Kang Ah Reum sincerely, but he also hides his true self from her.”

Yoo In Na as a Delightful Dressmaker

Yoo In Na’s character is cool and competent in the face of danger — whether it be a celebrity trying to avoid the press or a runaway bride trying to avoid a stalker. Her current relationship with her second husband is gentle and warm, and she obviously adores him. She’s a little less cool around her ex-husband, though, and their past relationship seems easy for her to fall into.

Kmuse: This actress has really been growing on me through her last several dramas. I also think she has amazing chemistry with Eric, which really increases my investment in the drama. I can’t wait to see where the story takes her.

Karie the Maknae: Yoo In Na has “adorable” down pat in this drama, even though her role in Goblin was anything but. I wasn’t sure what to think of her character at first, but I’m loving her — she’s sharp and tenacious and brave.

MiataMama: I’m officially a big fan of Yoo In Na now! It’s easy to dismiss her as just another pretty face, but her acting continues to impress me. She easily adapts to her role here, and I’m loving that underneath that sweet exterior, Ah Reum is a smart cookie who’s a lot tougher than she looks!

Drama Geek: I’ve been in love with her since Queen In-Hyun’s Man. She almost always pulls through with having likeable characters that I connect with. Even though she has fallen for two guys who have deceived her, I still think she’s very intelligent and capable character.

Eric Mun is Easy on the Eyes

Eric Mun is charming and boyish when he wants to be, and a determined secret agent who WILL get his man. He also seems to be a natural in a cowboy hat while swinging around a pole — that was unexpected. He’s a competent leader of a team of spies, but around his ex-wife, he’s determined to be more.

Kmuse: I am a huge Eric Mun fan. He has so much charisma, and it is easy to see when he is making the leading lady, and us viewers, swoon over his spy antics.

Karie the Maknae: Eric Mun is playing my favorite type of character — confident and opinionated and willing to do anything to protect the people he’s supposed to protect. He’s also friendly, and it’s easy to see why Yoo In Na’s character fell for him even when she was determined not to get married.

MiataMama: As a former k-pop idol, Eric Mun has donned many hats for different MV concepts, so it’s no wonder that he adapted easily to his role here. Eric’s charisma and genuine heart as Ji Hoon are really pulling me in and it’s getting complicated as I decide whether to root for husband #1 or #2.

Drama Geek: The rest of the fangirls have already decided who to root for. LOL. Eric Mun plays this character with so much panache. He rocked the sheriff outfit, and still did his spy work. The show isn’t as serious as it could be, but I’m actually loving that about it.

Im Joo Hwan Has Two Faces

WHEN will Im Joo Hwan get to play a character who is good through and through? I guess he handles roles with duality way too well. This time, he’s absolutely devoted to Yoo In Na as her second husband, taking time to call her and check in with her, before going into a high-stakes meeting as a cold corporate spy who just might be willing to murder for the right information.

Kmuse: I know that one of my kbesties is hoping that he won’t be the villain this time. However, I think by the end of episode two, this guy is incredibly evil and possibly a murderer. I love a good killer in a suit, so I think I will ignore the fact that poor Im Joo Hwan has really started to be typecast.

Karie the Maknae: The back and forth between Im Joo Hwan and Eric Mun really kicks in during the fourth and fifth episodes, and it’s going to be interesting to see these two go head-to-head. I’m not completely sure he’s a murderer yet, and I’m kind of hoping that his better nature — the side he shows to Yoo In Na — will be the dominant one. Either way, he’s a delight to watch, and I’m loving his interactions with his wife AND with her ex-husband.

MiataMama: It’s me. I’m the kbestie that is adamantly defending Im Joo Hwan and his capacity to NOT be the bad guy they make him out to be in this drama. I refuse to believe that someone with such a sweet smile could be evil through and through. Yes, I know I’m in the minority, but Derek, I’m rooting for you!!

Drama Geek: I find his interactions with his wife a bit fake. I think they both put on a show so their marriage will be perfect. Like he’s trying to be everything her ex wasn’t. I do think his feelings for her are genuine. I’m actually with MiataMama in hoping he’s not all bad, but for totally different reasons. I don’t want Hottie Mechanic to be evil!!!!!! For anyone who watched My Unfamiliar Family, he’s the Hottie Barista, and he’s also Ji Soo’s brother in Amanza.

Our Impressions

Karie the Maknae: This drama looks like it will be a fun cross between a romcom and an adventure thriller. I’m already sold on Yoo In Na being capable enough to keep up with her spy ex-husband, and the two husbands are fun in and of themselves. There are some enemies outside of our weird little spy/love triangle, and they intrigue me because they are NOT the usual gangsters. There’s some good writing going on here.

Kmuse: So far, this has been a lot of fun, and the fast pace is keeping me watching. I plan to continue and would recommend it.

MiataMama: This drama has found a permanent spot on my drama plate as I eagerly wait for new episodes each week – it’s a great blend of genres and easy to watch!

Drama Geek: I stalk two shows right now, this and Do Do So So La La Sol. This one is just so much fun, which I need right now.

Until the next awkward encounter with the ex —

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: The Spies Who Loved Me

  1. I did not realize that Im Joo Hwan was Ji Soo’s brother in Amanza! Idk how I missed that.
    I have passed this drama a few times but hadn’t added it to my watch list but after this blog, I will definitely have to check it out.
    Yo In Ah is hit or miss with me. I have seen her in My Love from a Star and Touch Your Heart but I she only had a so-so effect on me.
    Sort of like Go Ara – I can take it or leave it. Hated her in Hwarang, she was aight in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, but I like her in Signal so far.
    Hope I enjoy The Spies Who Loved Me. 😁

    • I hope you do too! I think the selling point for me is that she’s playing a very smart character. Definitely the kind of character I prefer watching, and she’s doing a marvelous job.

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