First Impression and Unfiltered Thoughts: The Silent Criminal

A murder mystery mixed with bromantic hijinks? If this is what you are looking for, then I have a great drama for you. Join me as I share my unfiltered thoughts on the Chinese drama The Silent Criminal.

Very very quirky

It has been a while since i watched a really well done quirky drama. One that keeps a lot of the physical comedy but backs it up with a solid story and engaging actors. So I was delighted to find out how much this show made me laugh. There is still time for it to fall off the rails (although with only 13 episodes, there is less chance of it falling apart.), but so far, it just keeps me giggling.

Our bromantic duo

This is the first leading role for both Leo Li (Shi Jing Yao) and Wen Sheng (Long Yao), which was a surprise. They had a ton of chemistry, and it was an enjoyable performance. Shi Jing Yao, especially, had so much charisma and charm. The show wouldn’t have worked without his quirky physical comedy.


It doesn’t look like there will really be any romance in this drama. Instead, we have the relationship between the two men. And while sometimes this means it comes from a BL source where the romance is taken away because of the Chinese censors, leaving a huge hole in the story. This time the burgeoning friendship is working to pull the story forward, which is working for me. It is just fun and mostly angst-free, and for me, that is working. Do I love a good romance? Yes, but I am not feeling that this show is less because of its lack of romance.

Should you watch?

With there only being a quick 13 episodes, it would be crazy not to give this drama a try. This show is just fun, and I don’t know about you all, but I need all the positivity that I can find to get me through the holidays.

Where to watch

I recently got the VIP subscription to iQIYi, and I could not be happier with this purchase. The streaming site has also started adding Korean content, and I have found several Kdramas that I can’t find elsewhere. My only complaint is that it still does not have a Chromecast option, but that is a minor inconvenience when it comes to having legal access to so much great content.

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