Top 5 Kpop MVs: Keeping It Together

This post really wrote itself this week, music fans. From BTS to CNBlue, a lot of our new releases covered finding acceptance in each other and overcoming our troubles together. Come see the comebacks that captured my heart.

BTS – “Life Goes On”

BE is such a cathartic album — full of sorrow and wistfulness and hope. It’s perfect for reflecting on the past year we’ve lived through, and I adore the message of “Life Goes On”: things are not the way we want them right now and it’s okay to grieve. But it won’t last forever. Also, Jeon Jungkook’s directing for this MV is ON POINT. Love it.

Taemin – “Think of You”

The playfulness of this MV belies the very sincere message of finding a safe place to vent and be yourself. Taemin is a delight to watch. Enjoy!

Lee Juck – “Stoning” feat. Jinpyo Kim

Lee Juck has a fascinating voice — it’s very unique and musically brilliant. And I love the message of learning that even though we’re different, we can still find ways to unify.

CNBlue – “Then, Now, and Forever”

I’m loving this comeback ballad from CNBlue — it’s got depth and conviction and a maturity that speaks to me.

AKMU – “Happening”

AKMU has a certain sort of magic that draws me in and keeps me engaged, and this MV was no exception. The skeletons helped the curiosity factor, but it’s really the combination of Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun’s voices that make me a fan time after time.

What music is helping you make sense of the times we live in right now, music fans? I’d love to know — drop down in the comments and share your favorites.

Until the next thoughtful MV, I remain —

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