Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Episode 13-14 Recap

Why do Kdramas think they need a lot of sadness and angst right before the end? This was supposed to be our happy place drama! Is this another trick?

Enjoy it while you can.

This week seems slow, partly because of all the old scenes we revisit, even though we get to see more of the scenes this time. We revisit Ha Young and Seung Ki telling about their business, setting up their office, and taking publicity pictures with Dr. Cha and RaRa. Did you catch them reenacting The Titanic?

After running away from the fake wedding, RaRa and Joon retreat to the beach to be alone. They run along the shore and reminisce about their time together. This is the cutest part of these episodes, so enjoy it while you can!

The other cute part was Seung Ki decorating the hair salon with balloons and candles and showing Ha Young a video of all the clips he’s been taking of her. He brings in a cake and asks her to blow out the candle if this could be their first day as a couple.

Telzeytalks: I loved the scene at the beach; I could have happily watched them running around a lot longer than they did. The confession scene was so cute. I was worried whether Ha Young would blow out the candle because sometimes she gives Seung Ki a hard time.

Clkytta: I love how Ha Young and Seung Ki’s sweetness offset the angst we are getting from RaRa and Joon. I was so happy when Ha Young blew out the candle! These two are meant to be, and I’m so glad that they are together. RaRa and Joon at the beach were adorable. I’m well-conditioned, though, and I know that any scene that happy means we are in for a doozy of a sad scene.

MiataMama: I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier – I don’t want to be all gloomy about our OTP! *pouts in Korean* So, I’m extra thankful for Ha Young and Seung Ki bringing all the cute and sweet couple moments this week. SO very happy they are together now!!

The management apologizes for any inconvenience.

Last week we announced that Dr. Cha was RaRa’s benefactor, and it certainly looked like it from what we saw in the episode. This week they replay the scene where RaRa tells him that she knows he is her benefactor. This time we get to see more of what happens, as Dr. Cha denies that it is him. *gasp* Sorry folks, we apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Telzeytalks: I was pretty distressed to see this because it meant there was a mistake in last week’s post. Then I realized that they were deliberately misleading us. Is that fair?

Clkytta: I make no apologies. Y’all know I live for conspiracy theories! I’m still flabbergasted that it wasn’t Dr. Cha!

MiataMama: We were all duped!! I think subconsciously we all wanted it to be Dr. Cha. . .

I don’t work for free.

Dr. Cha and RaRa decide to find the benefactor. They visit the shop where her white piano came from, but it has been sold, and the previous owner has moved away. Dr. Cha thinks of someone he knows who is good at finding people, Gangster PI. When asked for help, he replies, “I don’t work for free.” But he doesn’t want money either. He wants to rent a room in Dr. Cha’s apartment, which we recall is upstairs from Stylist Jin. Haha! He’s holding the show together this week!

Gangster PI discovers that the person who sent the piano was Harabeoji. RaRa races up to his greenhouse to thank him but finds him collapsed on the ground from a heart attack. She has him taken to the hospital and calls his son, but he remains unconscious, and she cannot confirm if he is really the benefactor.

Harabeoji’s son decides to sell the salon and flower shop and take his father to Seoul with him. The neighborhood ladies discuss how they could keep the buildings, and suddenly remember Secretary Moon. They think he stole money from RaRa’s dad, and they should get it back. They also know someone who is good at finding people… When Stylist Jin asks him to find Secretary Moon, Gangster PI tells her, “I don’t work for free.” But he makes a deal with her to find Moon if she will eat dinner with him three times. This turns out to be a dead-end money-wise because Secretary Moon, though very friendly, does not have money after all. However, Stylist Mom starts telling people that Dr. Cha is buying the buildings and they can stay.

Telzeytalks: I have been looking forward to finding Secretary Moon again, but I expected him to be doing something sinister. They made it look like RaRa was sneaking up on him and catching him helping a competitor, but then the bottom fell out of it, and it was all way too cheerful, and nothing came of it.

Clkytta: I find Gangster PI to be completely endearing. He is head over heels for our Stylist Mom, and he’s not hiding his intentions at all. I ship this romance!! The side story with Secretary Moon was so sweet; I was also prepared for him to be a bad guy, but he wasn’t. I have to say that I am so happy that he cares so much for RaRa. His love for her is genuine and when he gave her an allowance I teared up.

MiataMama: ALL the theories are getting debunked this week, lol! I’m very happy that Secretary Moon was not the evil villain we all expected him to be. (Although, I think this puts a damper on my theory that RaRa’s dad is still alive. Oh well.) And I have fallen head over heels for Gangster PI – his earnest affections for Stylist Mom have me smiling ear-to-ear! 화이팅 (Fighting), Gangster PI!!

Is Dr. Cha terminally ill?

They have been teasing us the whole time about Dr. Cha’s pillbox and whether he is sick. His ex-wife finds his pills and asks Dr. Bang what they are. He drags out the story and makes her worry, but finally admits they are only vitamins. Just then they see Joon going past them, into the hospital director’s office. Suddenly they realize who he is and that he is visiting his dad. Dr. Bang is shocked to think that the director’s son is dating his ex-fiancee.

Telzeytalks: Ah! Fine. At last we know what the pills are. We think.

Clkytta: I figured that it was something that simple. It’s a great catalyst to make his ex realize how much she still cares for him. I’m fully prepared to support a renewing of this relationship. She’s cute and fun, and I think they are a good match.

MiataMama: Whew! Dr. Cha isn’t terminal!!

Joon and RaRa break up.

We get an unwanted complication in the form of an annoying second-lead female who thinks she owns the male lead. She is someone from his high school days, who shows up suddenly on leave from college in the US. She picks Joon up after his college entrance exam and gives him drugged coffee that puts him to sleep. This prevents him from meeting RaRa, who has come up to Seoul. Our story has taken a real makjang turn.

Ha Young wants to know more about the interloper. She also knows someone who is good at finding people. When Gangster PI says, “I don’t work for free,” she accuses him of having done badly on his other jobs. This makes him offer to work for free after all, to clear his good name. He goes to Seoul and has one of his men take pictures of Joon and the new girlfriend. However, Joon spots them when they try to hide behind a sign. What do you think Joon’s view of this would be? Haha!

Joon calls RaRa and asks to meet again. He tells her he wants to break up and doesn’t like her anymore. But when he leaves the cafe, he stands outside watching her cry and walks away in tears. After this, RaRa’s old piano teacher calls with the news that she is returning to Korea. As RaRa stands waiting for her teacher to arrive at the airport, Joon and the new girlfriend walk right past her to the departure gate without even looking at her once.

Telzeytalks: Rats. I would rather have had a complication about Secretary Moon stealing RaRa’s money. I hate wanna-be girlfriends who waltz in and take over. The drugged coffee is waaaay too much. Who would actually do that? Would he ever forgive her?

Clkytta: I have whiplash from all of this! Where the heck did this girl come from? She needs to go away right now! I don’t like her and I don’t like her methods. We all know that this had to happen though, he’s being shipped off to school (I’ve been telling you that we will get a time jump). Noble idiocy at its best, ugh, ugh, UGH!

MiataMama: Oh HECK no! New girlfriend has GOT to GO! She totally crossed the line when she drugged him. How on earth can he leave so calmly with her?!?! Even if, it’s because his dad is forcing him to the States. This plot development is NOT OKAY. Cue the dumb time jump already! Sigh.

Our Thoughts

What is going on? Is Harabeoji the real benefactor, or was maybe Joon telling him what to do? Why was Joon going to see his father? How can Dr. Cha buy the buildings, when he had said his wife got all his money when they were divorced? What about Joon’s nosebleeds and heath checkup? Is the coffee-drugger working alone, or with Joon’s mom?

Telzeytalks: I am peeved big time. I need more help from Gangster PI. Besides reminding people he doesn’t work for free, he often tells them, “I’m good with knives.” I fully expect to see him start throwing knives sometime soon.

Clkytta: I think the piano teacher could be Lala. Maybe? (MM: OH! I hadn’t even thought of this, but I like it!!) We all know Joon traded the building for going away to school. He made his dad buy the building and in return, he will go to school. I’m going to guess we will have a two-year time jump, maybe longer. I’ve never wanted a time jump as much as this one. We need the time jump so Joon can stand on his own and be with RaRa.

MiataMama: This is the first week I’ve finished watching the episodes and just felt sad. I’m not ready for the story of our little, found-family in Eunpo to end. But, at the same time, I need next week’s episodes to get here ASAP so we can have our happily-ever-after!

Until the next song,

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