Kmuse’s (& Drama Geek’s) Musings: These are a Few of Our Favorite Things 2020

So, everyone knows that this has been a bit of a crazy year. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to watch some really solid TV. And while we usually chat only about our Asian shows on the blog, once a year we like to break free and discuss what else we enjoy. So come find out what tickled our fancy and become some of our favorite things.

Queen’s Gambit

Kmuse: You all know that I am a fan of good directing, and The Queen’s Gambit is beyond beautifully directed. Add in a brilliant story, perfect casting, and characters that were both flawed but likable; you have the perfect show to binge. There is a reason everyone is buzzing about this show, and it is completely justified.

Drama Geek: I’m 2 episodes in and totally in love with the directing and the lead actress. It’s about chess, yes, but so much more!

British Mysteries

Kmuse: When Covid first hit the US, I subscribed to two different British TV streaming sites, and it has really helped me get through the past year. There is something relaxing about watching a cozy murder mystery. I have binged my way through Shakespeare and Hathaway, Agatha Raisin, and many more (If you want more suggestions, ask in the comments, and I will share more of my list.) I love Asian dramas, but sometimes I just need something different, and British TV is my escape right now.

The Mandolorian

Kmuse: If you want a good adventure, then The Mandolorian is a must-watch show. It is perfect for everyone, from the extreme Star Wars fan to the newbie that has never seen a lightsaber in their life. I recently binged all of season 1 for a second time and am caught up on the current airing episodes. Every hour is completely enjoyable, and I can’t wait to watch more.

Drama Geek: My family faithfully watches this every Friday. We adored the first season, and the second is turning out just as fun. You can’t beat Baby Yoda and is adorable frog eating antics.

Schitt’s Creek

Kmuse: This is the perfect example of a show that starts a tiny bit rough and becomes something that is brilliantly crafted. Nowhere will you find a more charming and heartwarming show. Yes, you have to push through a few episodes that are not as perfectly paced, but the payout is well worth those few hours. This will be a show that I will watch whenever I need some positivity in my life.

Drama Geek: I admit that I watched the first episode and I wasn’t impressed. The last thing I wanted was to listen to rich people whine about having to deal with real life. I finally pushed past the first 2 episodes, and this show has become my happy place the last few months. I’m on season 4 and the character growth, while still maintaining their original zaniness, is impressive.

Star Trek: Lower Deck

Drama Geek: This show had my family in stitches the entire time. Yes, it’s probably funniest to a Trekkie, but I don’t think you have to be one to enjoy these misfits’ hijinks. I can’t wait for season 2.

The Warrior Nun

Drama Geek: This show came when I really wanted to kick some butt. I was stuck in my house on lockdown though, so it had to be pretend butt. LOL. Some of this was filmed on location, and the scenes were breathtaking! I really hope there is a second season, I thouroughly enjoyed all the nuns and the quest that drew them closer together.

We hope that this gives you some extra ideas of good television to binge. If you have a non-Asian show that you want to share, be sure to tell us in the comments.

Til the next binge watch,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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