Top 5 Kpop MVs: The Wait is Over!

We’ve had a lot of long-anticipated music released lately, music fans! Come see what gifts Enhypen, Kai of EXO, and BoA have given us. You can also tell me if you’ve ever heard of Vanner — check them out below!

Enhypen – “Given-Taken”

It’s finally here! Please take note, Enhypen stans, that I double checked the label and verified with MiataMama that this is indeed the official debut MV for our I-Land boys. It’s a strong debut and I’m loving the question the song asks. I’m expecting more great things to come.

Kai – “Mmmh”

Here we have it, Kai’s much-hyped solo! The master dancer of EXO holds absolutely NOTHING back.

BoA – “Better”

It’s hard to believe that BoA has been in the kpop game for TWENTY years, but them’s the facts, music fans. She channels that expertise into her new MV skilfully — I love the range of styles!

Oneus – “Bbuseyo”

THIS is the bop I needed this week. I love everything that’s been coming out lately, and it’s nice to have a little of the chaotic playfulness I’ve come to love from kpop in general. It doesn’t hurt that it comes from Oneus, one of my favorite groups, and shows their range. Would you have believed this comes from the same group that brought us “Come Back Home”?

Vanner – “Form”

How has this group not been on my radar? They have a very individual sound, reminiscent of early B.A.P. or Block B. I’m sure the rabbit mask in the video may have been a B.A.P. reference. Nonetheless, this MV is visually stunning and the song has a compelling beat that got me dancing.

BONUS TRACK: Jin – “Abyss”

I love being part of a fandom where the artists give their fans gifts like “Abyss”. It’s vulnerable and revealing and purely Jin. Could there be a better way for Jin to celebrate his own birthday than by sharing himself with us? Goodness, I love this boy’s heart.

I have to admit, music fans, that the holiday season is my favorite. It helps that every song feels like a gift. So does discovering new-to-me artists! Were these gifts on your wish list? Drop down in the comments and let me know.

Until I unwrap the next MV, I remain —

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