Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sweet and Strong

This week’s MVs are all about finding strength in sweetness . . . or something like that. Come see what BTOB, ONEWE, and Lee Seung Gi (!) have to offer us.

BTOB 4U – “Show Your Love”

This BTOB subunit definitely has it all together! “Show Your Love” reflects their maturity and the owning of their identities as individuals and as a group. I’m really liking their strong sound.

Niel – “Ignore”

Oh man, this was a POWERFUL experience. Niel (of Teen Top) manages to convey frustration and confidence in equal amounts, and it totally spoke to me.

Onewe – “A Book in Memory”

Onewe is baaaaack! “A Book in Memory” definitely calls back to their sound in “Regulus” with low, sweet vocals and a rich melody. The sepia tones of the MV do a great job of conveying wistful nostalgia, and I just won’t mention the granny glasses. Not. At. All.

Lee Seung Gi – “I Will”

I’d heard that Lee Seung Gi could sing, but I never really followed up on that. His voice is a complete surprise! It’s high and light and grounded — I would have expected something low and raspy. Nevertheless, he makes this song beautiful — enjoy!

Young K – “Alone in This World” (feat. Song Heejin)

This duet encompasses SO much longing and love — it’s soothing and wonderful to listen to. Just imagine watching the rain run down your window as you enjoy Young K and Song Heejin’s masterful harmonies.

BONUS TRACK: BTS – “Dynamite” x2

I know, I know, there are about a thousand remixes of “Dynamite” out at this point. I had to highlight these two, though. First off — the performance for TIME (they named BTS as Entertainer of the Year, in case you hadn’t heard) has a smooth, relaxed vibe…at least, until they couldn’t hold still anymore. It’s a good thing, since Suga was performing with them!!! I was so happy to see him. Also, their hair and outfits? PHENOMENAL.

And this holiday remix is just the chaotic energy I needed to kick start that Christmas feeling.

How are your holiday preparations going, music fans? What music are you listening to as you get ready? I want to know! Drop down in the comments and tell me all about it.

Until the next marathon gift wrapping session, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sweet and Strong

  1. Do you know I had never heard Seung Gi sing? I thought he was just a variety host. Thank you! I had never really checked out Onewe, so thank you again. BTS – well, that goes without saying

    • LOVE Onewe so much. “Regulus” is a great song of theirs to start with, but I have more recommendations from that album if you ever need them!

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