The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Okay! Madam

Looking for a movie that will leave you feeling happy and entertained? Something that doesn’t add to the holiday/pandemic stress? Come check out our spoiler-free review and find out if this is the movie for you.


Okay! Madam is about a couple, a restaurant manager and a computer repair expert, who must save their family from a hijacking during their first family vacation. (IMDb)


Kmuse: This show was so much fun. The perfect mix of fluff with actual plot! Which sometimes is rare in movies when they don’t have enough time to really flesh out the plot.

Drama Geek: I love how they set up the family and made you love their little unit, then threw them into the hijacking situation and each one of them was wonderful to watch, and I enjoyed every minute of them.


Kmuse: ACTION SCENES! I loved the fighting choreography and was so impressed with how they managed to have so many unique fights in an enclosed space.

Drama Geek: They had a plane aisle! It was choregraphed so well and made me giddy to see the mom in action. I’ve loved this actress since Witch’s Romance.


Kmuse: I loved all the characters, even the small supporting characters that made up the staff and travelers on the plane. I especially loved the little girl. She has some great comedic moments that will stick with me.

Drama Geek: They did a great job of filling out the plane with memorable characters, the flight attendant that wished he were a spy was hilarious, and the daughter with her pretend mom really made me cheer for them.


Kmuse: This was just the stress-relieving movie I needed right now. I give this movie an 8.5/10

Drama Geek: I watched it and told all the Fangirls it was just what they needed. I am going to agree with Kmuse and give it 8.5/10.

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