First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Awaken

I have been watching the latest Nam Goong Min drama, and I have thoughts. And, surprisingly, some of them don’t revolve around Goong Min’s sexy, I don’t care, styling. Come find out if this show has more going for it than it’s very pretty lead.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of my first impression, let’s take a moment to discuss Nam Goong Min’s styling. Surprisingly, the pimp stache and laid back jeans and jacket vibe totally work for me. It gives me a similar feel to many of Jang Hyuk’s characters, which also works for me. I have to admit that I am really impressed with the range of roles Goong Min has been choosing lately. A+++

I am a bit confused by the addition of the horror element? I’m still trying to put the violent opening sequence into place with the developing crime story. Four episodes in, I do have hopes that it will all come together into something that makes sense

Seol Hyun continues to not click with me as an actress. Her performance is being overshadowed by the charisma and talent of her co-stars. However, this doesn’t really ruin the show since her character is just part of the crew and not a romantic lead.

Lee Chung Ah has come a long way from her Flower Boy Ramyun Shop past. I am enjoying the mystery behind her character and her unexpected quirks. She is probably my second favorite aspect of the show and has tons of chemistry with Goon Min.

So, I will admit that i thought of quitting the show after a slow first episode but continued. Thankfully I did since the story has been sucking me in more and more with each episode. It’s not the most brilliant crime/horror/suspense drama out there, but I am still enjoying it enough to continue.

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