Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 11

Netflix has given us a ton of content this December, and they are saying one thing… We need to watch more horror Asian dramas. Yup, I was surprised as well. Come find out the shows that will make you jump this festive season and whether you should give them a try.

Sweet Home

There has been a lot of money put towards this webtoon adaptation, and it is a brilliantly filmed horror show. The actors are top-notch, the monsters are creepy, and the blood flows freely. As long as you don’t mind the gore, it is a solid drama.

The Guest

Hot priests, possessed individuals, and demons. This drama has all you could want when it comes to a scary drama. Again, did I mention the hot priest? Because that deserves to be mentioned again.

Alice in Borderland

Once again we have a great adaptation of a manga to live-action story. Alice in Borderland is a story where individuals must figure out how to stay alive long enough to escape a twisted alternate world. Think a very violent Liars Game. It’s a fun watch but be warned, some of your favorite characters might not be alive by the end. No one is safe.

The Call

If you don’t want to commit to a full 16 hours of horror, then maybe give a movie a try. The Call contains two brilliant performances by Park Shin Hye and Jong Seo Jun. It is a scary, very tight story that will have you jumping and hoping you can never talk to someone in the past.

Which show will you be watching on Netflix over the holidays? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check back for more great recommendations.


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  1. I’m currently watching Sweet Home and I’m addicted. I’ll likely be checking out The Guest after. I tried Alice in Borderland, but I wasn’t hooked. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

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