Drama Teasers of the Week

The next wave of dramas is coming in February! Which means we have a bunch of new teasers to watch. Which ones are tempting you to check out?

The World of Fantasy

Starts today on iQIYI. So there’s a boy. And a girl. And some amnesia. And some WICKED COOL special effects! Also, they get to ride wolves and guard the spirit domain and play with magic. Is this the fantasy drama you’ve been waiting for?


Starts February 18th. Two detectives are thrown together in the hunt for a serial killer who’s been eluding the police for 20 years. But not everything is as it seems…..

River Where the Moon Rises

The costuming for this drama looks AMAZING! Add in an amazing cast, too, and I think even the most anti-historical dramas fans just might be tempted to watch.


Starts February 20th. They’re ramping up the suspense, y’all! Will this be as good as Signal?

What’s going to make it onto your watch list, drama fans? Let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Drama Teasers of the Week

  1. Oh, I hate spiders but I love amnesiac souls in fantasy so – I guess that would be on my list. Also, Times looked interesting. Maybe I’ll save the “River/Moon” one for when it’s finished and subbed.

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