Top 5 Kpop MVs: Warm and Fun

What a great way to start off the year, music fans! From beautiful ballads to strong debuts to absolute silliness, we’ve got it all covered in this week’s top 5 kpop music videos. Come check it out!

Jukjae x Hyuk – “Camellia”

Let’s start this post off right, with a sweet, powerful ballad by VIXX’s Jukjae and Hyuk — it’s a delight for the heart and the ears. I love the warm, quiet dedication the lyrics represent, which is perfectly captured in the MV.

Jeong Sewoon – “In the Dark”

Jeong Sewoon is a solo artist with Starship Entertainment, which means he flew under my radar. BUT NO MORE! Sewoon’s smoky voice and the acoustic guitar make for a hypnotic combination that I *love* listening to. Check out “In the Dark” below!

Rolling Quartz – “Blaze”

I will always have a special spot in my heart for girl rock groups. It’s probably a side effect of all the female-led ska I listened to in college. ANYway, come check out this debut from Rolling Quartz, a brand new girl rock group whose sound harks back to my favorite ska vocalists from the past. They still have room to grow, but I’m liking what I see so far!

MCND – “Crush”

There’s something compelling about MCND’s new song. It might be the dark, danceable hip hop beat. It might be the raw, grounded vocals. Or it might be the feeling that MCND is coming into their own unique identity and finding who they are as a group. No matter what it is, I LIKE IT.

Rain – “Switch to Me” feat. JYP

I am NOT here for the music on this one, since the song is a rather bland ballad on its own. Rather, you have to watch this to experience the ENTIRE MV because it is freakin’ HILARIOUS (definitely turn the CC on — the lyrics are somewhat necessary). The cameo at the end made me laugh the hardest.

BONUS TRACK: ATEEZ by HongJoong – “Numb” (orig. by Linkin Park)

I HAVE NO WORDS. This is the punk rock glow up cover I never knew “Numb” needed. HongJoong’s arrangement and his styling are perfection, and I find it endlessly fascinating. Enjoy the MV with me, won’t you?

Whether you warm up with ballads or rock, I hope you found something to love — or to laugh at! — in this week’s top 5 MVs. What’s gonna make it onto your playlist? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next guitar is smashed, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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  1. Thank you for the Jeong Sewoon and Rolling Quartz spotlights! Both are my style. Very different, but I’m fairly eclectic.

    And yes, Rain/JYP was hilarious! Have you seen the behind the scenes clips? Also a riot.

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