3 Bingeable classic dramas to watch this winter

The nights come early this time of year, which means you have all the more time to stay home and watch some great drama. With the increase in popularity of Asian television, it has come to my attention that there are a lot of dramas that were super popular but none of the new viewers know they exist. So what better time than January, when we are in between new big drama releases, to check some of the classics out?

It’s Okay It’s Love

If you recently enjoyed It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, then this drama is one for you. Frank discussions about mental illness, a gorgeous OTP, and great cast of found family make this a must watch. If nothing else, you get to stare at Jo In Sung for sixteen hours which is always a positive.

Falling for Innocence

Jung Kyung Ho is one of my ultimate biases and I consider this to be one of his most hidden gems of a drama. There is angst, loads of humor, a sweet romance, and a sexy mentally unstable stalker. This show has it all and is well worth the watch. For those watching, be aware that JKH is a total ass in the beginning but soon becomes a lot more lovable. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Innocent Man

One of the classic must watch makjang dramas. Song Joon Ki and Moon Chae Won’s chemistry was off the charts and I couldn’t stop watching this toxic romance evolve. If you love these actors then I think this is 100% a drama you need to check out. Their performances were amazing and it is a show I go back to over and over when I want to see something crazy good.

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