Drama Teasers of the Week

This week’s teasers have us all gearing up for February’s dramas! Come see if horror or sci-fi will be landing on your drama plate sometime soon.


How’s this sci-fi thriller shaping up for you, drama fans? I have to say that I’m tempted, just because I love Kim Sung Oh and Lee Da Hee that much. It all starts on February 1st.

Joseon Exorcist

Joseon zombies flourish on our screens once again! The royal family is dealing with the consequences of rising to power, and one scholarly young prince is all that stands between them and supernatural destruction. Or something like that….Check it out starting March 15th!

Penthouse 2

Korea’s favorite guilty pleasure got a second season, and it’s looking just as makjang as the first! Get ready for kimchi slaps and more starting February 19th (just kidding on the kimchi slaps).

Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil is hitting all new levels of creepy in this trailer! The mystery begins February 19th.

Let us know what you’ll be watching, drama fans!

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