4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Perfect and Casual

Sometimes it’s a good thing to give into peer pressure, especially when one of your kbesties insists that you MUST watch a light and fluffy Cdrama that ends up being the perfect palate-cleanser to end 2020. Come see what we thought of Perfect and Casual!

The Plot

First, a quick intro from our friends at MyDramaList:

“This story revolves around the cold and icy “male god” professor Zhang Sinian and the calm and sunny Yun Shu. After a fractious first meeting, where Yun Shu dressed down the especially finicky Sinian, she was shocked to find out that he was her university lecturer. Through a series of coincidental encounters, the two agreed to engage in a contractual marriage. As the feelings between them grow, how will they keep their relationship from those around them?”

Steady Romance

Perfect and Casual has some of our favorite tropes, including enemies to lovers and forced cohabitation. But instead of milking every situation for slapstick humor, the romance that develops between Yun Shu and Sinian is sincere and sweet, even as their personal flaws are played for laughs. I mean, who gives a test on their wedding night?? AND WHO TAKES IT???

Karie the Maknae: I adored how this romance was built up. Yun Shu was the ray of sunshine that Sinian needed in his very straitlaced life, but she was never stupid. Clumsy? Yes. Still learning? Yes. But never dumb, and I appreciated that about their story.

Clkytta: I love the way these two interact. They are such a perfect match for each other. They don’t have all the dumb misunderstandings like most couples — they actually talk!

Non-annoying Second Leads

Every romance has its troubles, of course, but one of the best things about Perfect and Casual is how the second leads see the best in our main leads, but don’t try to push and shove their way into their affections. Chu Chu and Meng Ran aren’t above being a little manipulative, but they know when to take the no. Eventually.

Karie the Maknae: I have to admit that the only thing that really annoyed me about the second leads is that they were taking screen time away from our OTP! They were the perfect foils to show why Yun Shu and Sinian fit each other, even though they seemed so different. I mean, that balcony scene at the end? PERFECTION.

Clkytta: Second leads never stood a chance!

Grandpa is Adorable

We meet Sinian’s grandfather when he’s stuck under a bench, trying to retrieve his hidden stash of cigarettes. Yun Shu pulls him free and the two immediately bond. It’s a delight to watch Grandpa ship Yun Shu and Sinian before these two even ship themselves.

Karie the Maknae: Grandpa is really the reason that Yun Shu and Sinian get together and stay together, and he brings out the best in both of them. Plus he’s wise and funny and has the BRIGHTEST smile whenever he sees Yun Shu.

Clkytta: Grandpa is the best! He is so sweet and our OTP makes him act like a fanboy with his favorite band. He’s so invested in their happiness and not just because it makes him happy too. You can tell he loves them.

The Leads Are Kind

On the surface, it’s easy to see Sinian as the cold and bossy alpha male who is OF COURSE a genius in all things. And Yun Shu could easily be the poor candy girl who stumbles her way into his life. The initial setup looks that way, but what sets these two apart is just how kind they both are. Sinian is always looking out for Yun Shu’s welfare, and Yun Shu cannot turn away from anyone who needs her help. It’s that very kindness that leads Meng Ran to fall in love with Yun Shu, and misleads Chu Chu into thinking Sinian cares for her. But most of all, kindness is what Yun Shu and Sinian’s relationship is based on, and it’s a solid foundation.

Karie the Maknae: Over and over again, I was so happy to see Sinian do little things that showed he was thinking about Yun Shu and that he cared about her. He’s not as cold as his personality leads people to think he is, and his kindness to Yun Shu feeds her sunshine personality.

Clkytta: We are starting to see a refreshing trend of tsundere guys who aren’t complete jerks. Yes, he’s uninterested in most things, but she is his perfect math problem. He’s fascinated by her and he starts moving his world to match her instead of trying to change her. I’ll take a double helping of that please!

What do you think, drama fans? Are you going to give Perfect and Casual a try? Drop down in the comments and let us know! You can find it on MGDTV’s channel on Youtube:

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  1. Thanks for recommending this drama. I don’t usually watch C Drama (in fact this is my first time) but I trust your recommendation and I like it very much. I agree with all the factors you mentioned that made this drama worth watching and refreshing. I will wait for your next recommendation

    • So glad you liked it! It was a great watch. Keep your eyes open — we’ll have more Cdrama reviews headed your way soon!

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