Podcast #122 – Checking out some Chinese dramas

There are so many new shows out in the last few months that it can be kind of overwhelming. So join Kdrama Jen & Kmuse as they check out several of the latest Chinese dramas and give their first impressions. They help weed through the shows so you don’t have to.

Dramas Discussed

  • Futmall.com
  • Legend of Fei

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #122 – Checking out some Chinese dramas

  1. Enjoyed this podcast. I’ve been eyeing Legends of Fei and I think I’m going to take it off my ‘to watch’ list (which is dangerously long).

    I’ve started ‘ My Little Happiness’ and can let you know that this *is not* the epic Chinese drama you’ve been waiting for. I watched it because it’s got the FL and M2L from “Put Your Head on my Shoulder” – I felt curious how I’d find it as I violently disliked his character in PYHOMS. Actually, he’s charming in this. Classic ML in a contemporary Chinese drama (cold personality, hot looks, brilliant in medical/scientific field, women faint at the sight of him, men want to be him etc etc) but the coldness only lasted one episode (not 5 to 10 as per usual). It’s basically a high school drama but the characters are in their mid to late 20s instead of teens. I admit that I’m enjoying it. And the M2L owns a bookshop and writes poetry….

  2. I listened to the podcast yesterday and ended up binge watching all the episodes futmalls.com last night! It is not my usual genre but I actually really enjoyed it and it had a lot of my favourite taiwanese actors from drama in it, the acting was great and the 3 stories were interesting enough to keep me clicking for the next episode, the middle one even drawing a tear from me! I don’t think I will check out Legend of Fei until it finishes at this stage.

    My must watch recommendation is Forever Love (I think I’ve already recommended it before I finished watching it) but it’s probably now my all time favourite high school to college to grown up romance cdrama of all time (they make so many of these in China!) I love the FL – she is brave, clever, steadfast in her love and most important of all the actress looks.. real and not plastic or overly made up 🙂 ML is swoony and there’s never any doubt in his love for the heroine. The story is relatable and it just puts a big smile on my face. I hope you guys end up watching it too!

    I am looking forward to the new Unrequited Love. I loved the FL in the Netflix web drama version but must admit to being shallow and never quite seeing how the ML could inspire such an epic one sided love from the FL for so long. I hope Hu Yi Tian can fill those shoes in this one!

  3. Have you all watched the Chinese remake of Hikaru No Go? If not, I highly recommend it. Available on IQIYI. Although, other than being Chinese and really really good, it’s not really in the genres you were asking for recs.

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